Swahili from A to Z


Funny and interesting facts about Swahili, the language of the people of the East African coast.


A- like Asante. The most important Swahili word (along with jambo), since Tanzanians hold politeness in high regard.  Asante means “thank you!”

B- like Bantu. Swahili is a Bantu language. Continue reading

Simon’s Sweet Hobby . . .

Never one to slow down, Simon’s latest endeavor is beekeeping and honey production.  He maintains about 80 hives around the land near his Mbahe Village cottages, at his new home in Mweka Village by one of the Kilimanjaro National Park exit gates, and at the TPC sugar plantation off the mountain south of Moshi Town.  Simon’s obsession grew out of his consumption of honey as a superfood full of energy to sustain him during his long training runs on the mountain.

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Why come back to Tanzania?


jody cole“Anyone who knows me knows that my thoughts expressed are never short, especially when it comes to the topic of Africa. Stories of my long love affair with Tanzania, in particular and her wild side, could hold you captive for far too long. You see, I’ve been traveling to Tanzania for over 18 years. Continue reading