Zanzibar Top Itineraries

As with our safari itineraries, we design for you a personalized custom Zanzibar extension according to your beach style and budget. Below are example Zanzibar itineraries that work well after any safari or climb adventure. We at SENE prepare and book all elements of your extension, including flights to and from the island. Please contact us to discuss your days in paradise!

The Zanzibar Experience
Relax in the evening at one of the rooftop restaurants as the sweet smell of cloves wafts in on the cool Indian Ocean breeze and escape to a distant beach and let your cares slip away like the tide from the silky white sand or chase a multi-hued angelfish while snorkeling the warm waters of a reef.

4 days / 3 nights
Zanzibar in Balance
This 5 day extension provides the perfect balance between exploration of the rich cultural heritage of the island and losing yourself on the beach. It includes time in Stone Town with a cultural walking tour, an afternoon trip to Prison Island and 3 days of beach relaxation on the island’s quiet northeast coast.

5 Days / 4 Nights