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Find below important information about our Eco-Adventures. Click on a box to toggle open the content. See also resource information pages about SENE, Tanzania, climbs, safaris, and Zanzibar. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

ALL eco-adventures

Camping & Tents
Overnights are spent in our comfortable mobile camp.  We use large step-in car-camping tents of different sizes, providing plenty of room whether just 1-2 people or a family.  Tents are set up in advance by our camp crew, with extra thick camping pads for a comfortable night’s sleep.  Rest, relax, recover, and refresh with a shower, where available, or a sponge bath with a warm basin of water.
Meals & Dietary Requests
Using only fresh local ingredients, our expert SENE camping chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals, inspired by local cuisine, and specially designed for those burning lots of calories.  We endeavor to meet all dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) as best as possible.  Please make clear all requests on your registration so we can be prepared in advance.  All camp meals are served in a dining tent with camp table and chairs.
Snacks & Hydration
We provide tea and snacks at camp after the day’s activity.  Please bring your own energy bars, gels, and other snacks if you desire those during the day.

All water is bottled or filtered.  Fill hydration packs and bottles in the morning, with opportunities to refill when meeting the support vehicle.  Bring powdered sports drinks to help replenish electrolytes and add flavor, as you desire.

Climate & Weather Preparedness
Our eco-adventures take place in tropical mountainous areas, mostly at elevations between 900 and 2000 meters (3,000′ – 6,500′).  Days will be warm to hot and the sun may be harsh at times.  Nights and mornings are cool, and quite misty in the early morning.  Showers or downpours can occur at any time, and are usually quite brief.

Bring clothing for all conditions and be prepared to add or remove layers as the weather dictates.  We ride, walk, or run in all weather conditions unless roads and trails are impassable.

T-shirt and shorts attire are fine for all active adventures. Out of respect for communities through which we pass, we require that shirts be worn at all times (singlets/tank tops are okay, but jog-bra only is not).

Level recommended for our eco-adventures

Bike ride day tour:
All levels
Depending on your fitness, cycling experience, and daily conditions, there are many ride options.

Bike ride multi-day tours:
Our multi-day rides encounter all kinds of roads and trails, from tarmac and smooth dirt to rocky, narrow, and steep paths. No riding is extremely technical but all cyclists should be comfortable on a variety of routes and able to ride in all weather conditions.

Foothills walking multi-day tours:
We walk 7 – 22 kilometers per day on mountain trails between 1400 and 2200 meters elevation. The walking is strenuous; paths that can be slippery when wet.  The route includes challenging hiking on many steep trails over ridges and though valleys. Your SENE guide sets a pace appropriate for your group. Trekking poles recommended.

Running half day tour:
All levels
Intensity level and length of run are variable depending on your interests and ability. Running routes are in the Kilimanjaro foothills with a nearly limitless number of roads, paths, and trails.

Running multi-day tour (Kilimanjaro Stage Run):
Experienced trail runners only.  Extreme terrain, long miles, and full running days make for a wide variety of challenging running experiences.



Where do we walk?
Our adventure walks take you along the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, on ancient footpaths outside the national park and through villages, farms, and forests at 1400-2000 meters (4,500′ – 6,500′). 
The Walk Experience
As you walk you will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, from Uhuru Peak – the Roof of Africa – above, to the encircling mountain rainforest, the waterfalls and rivers lining the valleys, farm plots full of coffee and banana trees, maize fields, pastures, wildflowers, and the magnificent views of the sweeping plains below. The trails pass through the land of the Chagga people, who for centuries have cultivated this fertile mountain paradise, and whom you will meet throughout your walk.
Walking Packing list
Click the link for a PDF of our Walking Packing List.


Road & Trail Conditions
We ride on dirt roads, trails, and footpaths, and some sections of paved road. Inclines are generally gentle, but expect some steep segments and stretches that will require pushing for all but the strongest cyclists. We try to follow routes with smooth hard-packed dirt, but there are places where it will be rocky, bumpy, rutted, or washboard. Rain may make some sections slick. Be prepared for extremely challenging riding surfaces. Ride slowly and brake often on downhills with more force on the rear brake.
Riding on Roads in Tanzania
When riding in Tanzania remember to keep left on all roads (Tanzania follows the British system of left-side driving). The rule of the road is that bigger and more powerful vehicles have the right-of-way. Therefore, trucks and buses have priority, followed by cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians – in that order. For your safety, respect this hierarchy and get out of the way of larger vehicles – they will not cede the road to you!
Support vehicle
We ride with a support vehicle for tired cyclists, tired bikes, to replenish water, etc.  When riding through forest reserves or on footpaths, the route may be inaccessible to motor vehicles, which means no vehicle support during those times (may be several hours).
Bicycle Fleet
SENE  owns 6 Kona Mahuna and 8 Kona Nunu mountain bikes, 3 Bergamont brand mountain bikes, individual Trek and Cannondale bikes, and a Trek tandem and Trek tagalong.  We also provide helmets.  Strap toe clips are available or not, as you wish.

Bike and helmet use is included on all our guided trips.  Unfortunately, we do not rent bikes for use without a SENE guide because of the remoteness of the locations and ruggedness of the roads.

Bicycle Maintenance
Simon and his support crew provide trailside maintenance and fine-tuning, but we ask that you help us by regularly checking your braking and shifting and notify us if problems arise. Please ride responsibly and safely to ensure that both you and the bike finish each day whole and undamaged.
Bicycle rental
We do not rent bikes for use without a guide because of the remoteness of the locations and ruggedness of the roads, which can be hard on the bikes and challenging for the riders. 
Biking Packing list
Click the link for a PDF of our Bicycling Packing List.


Trail Running

Trail conditions
Trails can be narrow and rugged, with rocks and roots, and slippery when wet.  Expect and be prepared for all kinds of conditions.  The route includes many extremely steep sections, requiring a significant amount of walking even by the strongest runners.
Running packing list
Click the link for a PDF of our Trail Running Packing List.