About Us

We at Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience aim to be a different kind of Tanzania outfitter and guide service.  While still experts in the traditional Kilimanjaro climbs, wildlife safaris, and the exotic island of Zanzibar, we are broadening travel in Tanzania to include eco-adventure tours.

What does eco-adventure mean to us?

  1. Get off the beaten path to explore untrammeled places and reduce the overuse and damage to fragile environments.
  2. Free from the car, explore under your own power: Walk! Run! Bike!
  3. Stay in guest cottages in a mountain village farm with meals made from organic produce grown on site.
  4. Meet Tanzanians on a human level in natural encounters on the paths you travel, not in a contrived commercial setting.

Our goal is to provide you a rewarding personal experience that will be fondly remembered for a lifetime. We share the rare beauty and magic of Tanzania as expressed in its people, its land, its varied environments, and its vast array of flora, fauna, and bird-life. These are found not only in its famed national parks, but also in the villages, farms, and back roads of this extraordinary country. We want your adventure with us to be a holistic travel experience – broadening understanding and establishing bonds of friendship that last across distance, time, and culture.

Let us share with you our Tanzania for your adventure of a lifetime!

SENE . . . AUTHENTIC Tanzania Adventure since 1998

- Simon Mtuy, Director

SIMON PETER MTUY was born and raised on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. In 1998 he founded Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience, a high quality locally-owned Tanzania adventure travel company to help create jobs in his home village of Mbahe. At the time, Simon was already an expert mountain guide with hundreds of Kilimanjaro ascents and an accomplished ultra-runner who would, in 2006, go on to break the world record for the fastest unsupported ascent-descent of Mount Kilimanjaro (9h22m). Simon continues his commitment to improving the livelihood of his community while helping preserve the mountain environment through responsible tourism.

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+ Mountain Guides & Crew

Our mountain guides have three priorities: 1) Your health and safety; 2) Your goal attainment… the summit of Kilimanjaro; 3) Your enjoyment of the trek. They understand that all three are inextricably linked and vitally important to a successful climb. All our guides are highly skilled professionals with the proper training, knowledge and attitude to fulfill all three priorities and more. They are trained in mountain safety and know how to respond appropriately if emergencies arise. Still, no Kilimanjaro expedition can succeed without a dedicated support crew of cooks, porters, and others working to make your trek comfortable, safe, and pleasurable. Our crew are treated very well and in turn they treat you very well. From hot tea or coffee in your tent in the morning to a joyous greeting with singing and dancing at the end of each day’s climb, you will find no better service and no more fun crew on the mountain than SENE's.

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+ Safari Guides

When you are on safari you don’t want a driver who finds animals by looking for the traffic jams of other vehicles. You want a guide and naturalist who knows wildlife habits and locations from training and experience. Our safari guides have what it takes to give you the type of wildlife safari you want in the uncluttered wilderness of Tanzania’s beautiful national parks.

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+ Mbahe Farm Crew

The crew at SENE's Mbahe Village Farm cottages treat you as if you are part of the Mtuy family and work hard to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. From morning wake up calls with fresh coffee to delicious meals and guided walks around the farm and village, our Mbahe team are there to provide you an unforgettable experience in this bucolic mountain setting.

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+ Office Staff

Our home office in Moshi, Tanzania, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, contains our logistics, reservations and accounting teams, along with all our vehicles, bicycles, camping equipment, and other gear. You are welcome to visit our office while you are in Tanzania. We also have full-time staffed satellite offices in North Carolina in the United States and Le Bourget du Lac in France. These provide convenient communication by phone or email and expert professional responses to your queries about Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and all our SENE adventures.

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Initiatives and Impacts

Community Sustainability
SENE is a model of a successful local business bringing valued prestige and income into the community. Founder and owner Simon Mtuy is widely respected as an entrepreneur with international standing who gives back to the community which nurtured him.
Environmental Sustainability
SENE's stated mission is "To take care of Tanzania while showing her to people who care enough to come meet her." This is translated into dedicated environmental practices that also encourage protection of our resources by the SENE team and SENE guests alike.
Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project
SENE is a founding member of KPAP and strictly observes all its policies for ethical porter treatment. We provide our porters a fair wage above the minimum, quality meals, proper shelter and sleeping arrangements, and transparent tipping to ensure all receive their fair share.