Mount Meru

For those seeking an alternative to Kilimanjaro or in preparation for Kilimanjaro, we recommend a climb to the summit of Mount Meru, just to the west across the Maasai steppe.  Meru deserves respect as a formidable peak – no less stunning than its more famous peer.  At 14,980′ / 4566m Meru is not as intimidating as Kilimanjaro, yet it offers a challenging and highly satisfying 3- or 4-day climb.


Mount Meru in 3 days
On a 3-day climb you summit and descend completely on the 3rd (and final) day.  It makes for a long arduous day of hiking, but you savor the downhill after your success reaching the summit.

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Mount Meru in 4 days
The 4-day climb also summits on the 3rd day, but includes an additional day for the descent.  The extra rest and slower pace allow you to explore the monkey- and bird-filled Meru forest.

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