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Testimonials 2019

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Dail B. (Jul)
Hi Tim! We had another wonderful, stupendous, incredible Safari! Thanks to Joseph, we saw so many animals, and he went out of his way to take us to parts of the Serengeti that we hadn’t been before- the landscape was glorious. We had lots of fun and lots of laughs with Joseph-he is an excellent guide and an all-around great guy. And once again Alex worked his magic and kept us well fed- I don’t know how he does what he does. He is also just the cutest, and has the best disposition- he just makes you happy to be around him!
Here’s a photo of us in the Seychelles wearing our SENE hats, which we are so happy to have- feel free to use this shot on social media for SENE. Thanks for all that you did to make another great safari happen for us! I’ll send some more safari shots, as well. We got some good ones!
Stan Z. (Jul)
Our safari was extraordinary, we enjoyed every minute of it.
Gerald is very knowledgeable, a kind and a warm personality. It was a pleasure being in his company and in top of it, an excellent driver.
We were very happy with the service provided by SENE, it was well above of our expectations.
Angie H. (Jul)
Hey Tim! Thanks for reaching out.  I will for sure leave a review.

We had an AMAZING experience at Mhabe!  Abraham was such a wonderful host – he took amazing care of us.  The food was perfect, the room was perfect – it really could not have been a better experience.  Seeing how there were no other guests, we had the attention of Abraham, “Sugar Ray”, and Felix.  We did a day hike up to the mountain and had a nice day exploring and learning.  Sharon and I plan to return in 2 years and will more than likely schedule a safari with SENE.
Thanks for all your work in preparing a wonderful experience for us.

Melinda K. (Jul)
My body may be physically home in the USA…..but my heart is still on that mountain with the SENE crew.
Anna Z. (Jul)
We had an amazing time on safari, Gerald took amazing care of us, especially “Bibi” and “Babou”.
Christy P. (Jul)
Tim, we had a wonderful time on our hike!!!! Sene is such a special company and everyone truly loved our time on Kilimanjaro!!!! We will definitely place excellent reviews everywhere we can so let us know how we can help you in that regard.  Thank you again.
Rob M. (Jul)
Both my brother and I had a great trip. Both our drivers were professional and friendly. They helped rearrange their travel to get me my glasses I had left in the original van. Wow. Thanks for accommodating our specific needs. The hospitals in Arusha we saw were very impactful. It was amazing to learn the work that the doctor and nurse we know are doing, literally saving lives every day. Blessings on your business .
Brigitte S. (Jun)
Incredible experience on our epic Kilimanjaro climb!! The guides and porters exceeded our expectations with their passion for the mountain and sincere investment into our success! Meals and service were outstanding from beginning to end!!
Tina S. (Jun)
Dear Nathalie

Chris and I came back a week ago from Africa. we had 2 wonderful weeks!!!

Thanks a lot for your organisation, everything went perfectly. The time at the farm cottage was very special. We were the only guestes and Abraham, Leonard and Robson treated us like kings! We had a good time. They are very nice hosts . The food was delicious the guys fun to be with.

We enjoyed the Safari with Gerard very much. He is a super driver, very calm, very professional and his experience in finding the animals is fantastic. And he also is fun to be with:  We had a wonderful time and we hope that he enjoyed the time with us the same way!

You were asking also whether there are things that we think coul dbe improved. Please note that we are saying this as friedns and in the light of what we said before: We had an amazing stay with Sene!

The was an inconsistency w.r.t. the Gibbs Farm: Although our travel program stated full board at the gibbs farm, they did not confirm that. In the end, Chris (our friend at the Gibbs farm) invited us for lunch, but this was actually not what we wanted.  So,

And here are suggestions for future customers
In Arusha there is the Cultural and Heritage Store and Gallery. Although kind of a tourist trap, it might still be a place to discover and shop around. More important, at the Arusha Coffee Lodge there is the Shanga, where disabled people work and create souvenirs, art and things to remember your stay in Tanzania. There is a coffee shop and nice restaurant, all together it may be a better stopover than the Rivertree Lodge.

The weather an especially the temperatures at the end of the rain season seem to be rather variable (Kilimanscharo region vs. Serengeti). It would be good to tell people to pack a warm sweater or a soft shell jacket. Looking at the ususal weather websites, the temperatures for June around Arusha are a little misleading….

Unfortunately, it was obvious that the the cattle herds (of the Maasai) are not sustainable, i.e. too large for the available pastures, resulting in highly overused pastures. And that the Maasai way of using the land per se is not sustainable. I hope the people of Tanzania will find a solution to this: Compensating the needs of a growing Maasai population with even larger numbers of livestock is definitely not the solution. Not an easy problem to solve, but as always, one keypoint will be education, education, education.

Thank much for everything!
Tina & Chris

Michael W. (Jun)
SENE was wonderful. They paid attention to every detail. We felt special at all times. They provided us with the adventure of a lifetime. We would definitely use SENE again!
Katie V. (Apr)
Godson, Manase, Emmanuel, Kipgate, Robbie, and indeed, the entire team who accompanied us through Umbwe Gate, over the top, and out the other side, possessed a graciousness that we will always remember, and for which we will always be grateful. They enabled the trip of a lifetime, with good humor, with skill, and with unbelievable strength. Please thank them again for us.
Mimi T. (Mar)
I wanted to take a minute and tell you that our trip to Tanzania was wonderful.  It was a trip of a lifetime!
Truly, one of the reasons was our incredible and very knowledgeable guide, Gerald.  He is a gem!  A true gentleman who made is feel so comfortable every step of the way.
Tanzania is a special place and I am so lucky to have seen this part of the world that is so different than the world we live in.  What an eye opener for all of us.  The animals were the topping on the cake.
Thanks again, Tim, for helping me make my dream trip come true.
Anon. (Mar)
SENE has secured a group of professionals to guide you during an adventure of a lifetime. They have taken all the pressure off and allow you to completely immerse yourself and enjoy the beautiful African scenery and the amazing animals. I would highly recommend SENE to anyone who is contemplating Tanzania. Just go. No need to wait anymore!
Andre C. (Mar)
We had a great Experience.
Amelia B. (Mar)
Hi Tim.  Thank you for your mail.  We had a really special time.  The run was tough but I enjoyed doing it – Manase was amazing looking after me.  The time on the farm was wonderful – Abraham and his team really looked after us so well.  What a special place!  Hope to be back again some time in the future.
Erik L. (Feb)
Overall, I had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, I also had to ‘use’ this trip to deal with the loss of my father who passed away just a couple of weeks earlier (and reason I had to postpone my trip a bit), but in that respect this was kind of the perfect opportunity.
Everything was well sorted and arranged and I was always taken care of, in all respects; safety, food, challenge and experience.
Of course, the highlight was the trek itself and making it to the summit.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Simon at the Farm before my trip and enjoyed his story; a remarkable man who made some remarkable achievements, including setting up SENE 🙂

The interaction with Nathalie who did a great job ‘selling’ the trek and the company. I always enjoyed her swift replies and very pro-active attitude and help in the preparation. There are many companies around for (sometimes a lot) cheaper prices, but I guess the devil is in the details and everything was well sorted with SENE.

International Yoga (Feb)
Hi Tim and Simon, Big thanks to you both, and to your incredible team, for another amazing trip. The group was absolutely moved by their experience in Tanzania, most called it life changing. We’re honored to partner with you and thank you again for all of your help and hard work to make this happen. Big thanks to Gerald and Joseph too!
I hope to bring another group to you next year and Erin definitely wants to return in 2021.
Patricia H. (Feb) (6th trip)
Trip as usual was fantastic. Organization is really good and the food is marvelous. It just gets better & better.
John R. (Feb)
Dear Tim, Just a word from [us] to say that the safari went extremely well, thanks in large part to Gerald and Pascale, premier guides we recall from our last visit in 2008. Gerald really knows his animals, especially birds, and speaks English with wit and metaphor (some quite original!) that display his intimacy with the language. We felt we were part of his family and indeed learned a good deal about him and his own family during our travels with him. His calm, relaxed, humorous style put us all at ease. And we saw an array of wildlife that topped even 2008: the rare Caracal, a Servil, the Big Five, especially two Black Rhinos at about half a mile in Ngorongoro.

Both lodges were fine, especially their locations and views.

Thanks again for arranging so many of the large and small details. I hope you hold onto Gerald and Pascale, who are the keys to a successful safari.

Jay W. (Feb)
This whole trip was a highlight.
In my opinion, SENE provides with the most authentic Tanzanian experience that a person could ask for. A very high level of professionalism and Courtesy that emulates the Tanzanian people.
Jon B. (Feb)
We’re still getting over the jet lag, but had a wonderful trip. We absolutely would recommend the Manta Resort and the underwater room. The service at Manta was fantastic and truly personalized, and the beach and water were perfect. The underwater room was so cool and relaxing, though I would highlight to future clients that to get to the bedroom, you descend down a narrow step ladder while holding on to a rope. If someone has bad knees or a fear of heights, it might not be for them. Otherwise, it’s a must-do.

We do have some feedback and suggestions for SENE to consider for future clients as well. Here are our thoughts by segment of the trip.


We really enjoyed the stay in Mbahe and our hosts (Abraham, etc.) were excellent. It was a great way to relax and acclimatize before the climb.

Our guides (Jackson and Octavian) were great and we couldn’t have made it to the summit without them, as well as the porters and support staff. Their experience on the mountain and understanding of our energy level each day made the difference, and we’re very grateful for them.

We do think the equipment could use a bit of an upgrade. The tents seems to be older and more run-down, especially our tent, which had a zipper issue the first two nights. Fortunately, the crew was able to find a solution for the remainder of the climb, but we definitely had a couple of colder nights because the tent didn’t fully close. The mess tent was also poorly insulated and we wound up very cold during most of the meal times (though we recognize meal times were also typically at the colder parts of the day).


By the time we came off the mountain, we were looking forward to a hot shower and doing some laundry before starting the safari. We left Kilimanjaro Park around early lunch time, but because we didn’t arrive to Arusha until 6 pm, we didn’t have a chance to clean much of our clothes. For guests who continue on in Tanzania for several days, we think it would be good to ensure you get to the hotel as early as possible to prepare for the next part of the adventure.

Given the distances between parks and speed limits, combining three parks in two days meant we spent a bit less time in the parks and more on the road. In retrospect, I think just focusing on two parks might be best, allowing the guests to check in to the hotel a bit earlier in the evening and enjoy the facilities (or clean up) and start fresh in the morning. For example, after leaving Ngorogoro, we spent around four hours in the car driving to Tarangire, eating up a large part of the day. The following day, we had to drive from the park lodge to Arusha airport, and because we were running late, just barely made it to the airport on time. The flat tire occurred when we were about 10 minutes from the airport, but fortunately Pascal and Jay were able to change the tire in record time.

The Ngorogoro Farm House Lodge was really lovely and we wish we had more time to spend there. We would definitely recommend it for other guests in the future.

The night in Tarangire was an interesting one. It’s a beautiful location and a very unique experience, though we wound up not having power in our tent the entirety of our stay, though every other tent had power. I think if it were at the beginning of our trip, or if we hadn’t also done Kili, it would have been fine. But after many days on the mountain and then a couple days of safari, we would have been happier with air conditioning and electricity. Still, it’s a really unique place to stay, so other people might have a great time there.

Stone Town:

We actually thought we would enjoy the Zanzibar Coffee House more, but were a bit underwhelmed when we got there. We were greeted by an unfriendly individual, who did not seem to know whether our room was ready. In the room we found the bathroom/shower set up a bit funky, and our bed’s mosquito netting had some holes and rips in it. Given that it was the last night of the trip and we didn’t want to risk malaria, we wound up checking out after sunset and going to a different hotel. So we wound up paying for two hotels that night. The coffee house had unique charm, however after 3 weeks of adventure we needed a more comfortable facility in which to rest and obtain respite from the high heat.

We would also suggest including additional guidance for transfers at the Zanzibar airport. When we arrived from Arusha to Zanzibar en route to Pemba, there were no signs anywhere for transfers, and no one working at the airport seemed to know where we should go. We eventually figured out that we had to collect our bags, then leave the airport, find the ZanAir office at the edge of the parking lot, and then go to the domestic terminal. This was all at the hottest part of the day when we only had about 30 minutes or so between flights. We were very confused and it was a quite stressful. I would just include more information in the welcome packet in the future, if that is standard procedure at the airport (which we know in general can be confusing).

We hope this feedback is helpful, and we’ll still complete the online form, but wanted to make sure we communicated this with you. We really had a fantastic trip and other than a few notes, are very happy with the experience. Thanks again for all of your help booking this trip and seeing us through to the end.

Kathy W. (Feb)
Fabulous, best ever trip from beginning to end. Almost over jet lag, then will write rave reviews. Asante Sana for all your scrambling, hard work to make sure all went smoothly for us. Love SENE! My heart is full of Tanzanian Karibu.
Ram L. (Jan)
The trip to Kili & Serengeti was wonderful.. Full of great memories. SENE took care good care of me.
Julia S. (Jan)
We had such a wonderful experience!
Evren O. (Jan)
I was very touched with our whole experience in Tanzania, especially with the good nature of the people we encountered there. Despite all their relative difficulties, almost every single person we met was genuinely happy, polite and very helpful.
Mbahe farm is beautiful, and I specifically wanted to stay there because I wanted to see Simon’s property and have the full Sene experience. However, the location is remote. I know it is helpful from an acclimatization perspective, but for climbers taking the Lemosho route (and also for my parents who were going back & forth to the airport) it is not a convenient location. Given long driving times in Tanzania, I think it would be helpful if there is more up front information about the farm’s distance to avoid any surprises with customers.
Libba M. (Jan)
We’ve reached our final destination on Zanzibar. Quite hot!
We must say that the safari was absolutely fabulous, and can’t say enough glowing things about Joseph!  A perfect guide and proud host of the  game parks.  Because of his keen eye and sensibilities, we saw all the big five and the other four, and everything in between!  He is a master driver, performing spectacular stunts behind the wheel, over some pretty muddy, gooey territory.  He was delightful, knowledgeable, insightful, and very funny. He became a good friend!
Thanks for all your work on this trip. It was truly a fantastic experience!! Happy new year!
Carolyn F. (Jan)
Hello Simon and Tim!

These are the folks who make a SENE adventure EXTRAORDINARY!!! Their care, their expertise, their good humor, their total commitment, their graciousness, their timing and their openness was really beyond our expectations. We thought maybe we were having the VIP treatment because we are friends of Doug and Janet but as I just discovered in reading reviews from other clients I see that everyone has a similar SENE experience. You are THE BEST. You really have an amazing crew … to me that is what elevates it beyond a great trip to an extraordinary trip. We also loved the mix of activities.

Tim, when you said we would have a full day at Mbahe Farm I thought – why do we need an extra day to recover from our flight? Well … we learned MBahe Farm is a destination … what an amazing inspiring operation. Simon, thanks so much for taking time to show us what was started by your ancestors and continues to thrive. Your vision and energy should be shared with more people! I can see the potential for an internship for young farmers interested in permaculture. That intro helped us to appreciate more fully all the gardens/farms we walked through on our three days of hiking. And the biking was fabulous … a perfect route through the coffee plantation (thanks, Tara!).

With so many wonderful memories we look forward to getting our photos organized so we can share them with others. We’ll do our best to encourage others to join you on a SENE adventure!

Thank you both for all you did to make the trip go so smoothly and be so perfect.
We will be sure to write a review on Trip Advisor.