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Testimonials 2019

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Libba M. (Jan)
We’ve reached our final destination on Zanzibar. Quite hot!
We must say that the safari was absolutely fabulous, and can’t say enough glowing things about Joseph!  A perfect guide and proud host of the  game parks.  Because of his keen eye and sensibilities, we saw all the big five and the other four, and everything in between!  He is a master driver, performing spectacular stunts behind the wheel, over some pretty muddy, gooey territory.  He was delightful, knowledgeable, insightful, and very funny. He became a good friend!
Thanks for all your work on this trip. It was truly a fantastic experience!! Happy new year!
Carolyn F. (Jan)
Hello Simon and Tim!

These are the folks who make a SENE adventure EXTRAORDINARY!!! Their care, their expertise, their good humor, their total commitment, their graciousness, their timing and their openness was really beyond our expectations. We thought maybe we were having the VIP treatment because we are friends of Doug and Janet but as I just discovered in reading reviews from other clients I see that everyone has a similar SENE experience. You are THE BEST. You really have an amazing crew … to me that is what elevates it beyond a great trip to an extraordinary trip. We also loved the mix of activities.

Tim, when you said we would have a full day at Mbahe Farm I thought – why do we need an extra day to recover from our flight? Well … we learned MBahe Farm is a destination … what an amazing inspiring operation. Simon, thanks so much for taking time to show us what was started by your ancestors and continues to thrive. Your vision and energy should be shared with more people! I can see the potential for an internship for young farmers interested in permaculture. That intro helped us to appreciate more fully all the gardens/farms we walked through on our three days of hiking. And the biking was fabulous … a perfect route through the coffee plantation (thanks, Tara!).

With so many wonderful memories we look forward to getting our photos organized so we can share them with others. We’ll do our best to encourage others to join you on a SENE adventure!

Thank you both for all you did to make the trip go so smoothly and be so perfect.
We will be sure to write a review on Trip Advisor.


Testimonials 2018

Joris D. (Nov)
[Mbahe Farm Cottages] We had a great 2 days, hike was great, weather couldn’t have been better. I have only heard good feedback from the group, food was good, location something they had never experienced, in a good way! Jump in the cold water equally refreshing and good!  It was great, period! Thanks!
Erin M. (Oct)
We had an amazing time; the SENE team took such good care of us. And thank you for calling my mom after our summit attempt; she’s so nervous anytime we’re travelling outside of Canada, it was much appreciated.
Mary D. (Oct)
Everyone is excited that we summited. The weather definitely turned bad. We were so happy we went up a day earlier than planned. Felix was awesome. It was nasty coming down the day after, but we did it. I was having some issues with my stomach and hip/knee. John carried my pack for 2-3 days and he and David took me at my own pace beyond everyone else. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Thanks for all your help too! The lunch today with the whole group was awesome!!!

Ladi L. (Oct)
Dear Simon: We have safely arrived home with all our luggage (and your coffee and honey).  We will forever cherish the memories of your kindness and hospitality which made our trip an experience of a lifetime.  We look forward to an opportunity to have you and your family visit us in Vail. Asante sana!!
Shelley M. (Sep)
We had the most amazing time travelling with Sene and would definitely recommend the company to friends and family who intend on travelling to Tanzania.  Joseph and Temba were super guides, very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.
Melanie H. (Sep)
Arrived home on Sat. and already reflecting on what we all feel was the trip of a lifetime. I plan to email this feedback and describe the joy and meaning that this adventure has brought to us. Paschale – a wonderful and generous guide.Tim, thank you for your patience, and for choreographing a magnificent itinerary for our trip. We all plan to recommend SENE to any Aussies that we know who are planning a trip to Africa.
Jeff R. (Sep)
Team R are safely (and somewhat sadly) back in Sydney. We want to thank you and your team for a wonderful experience which was flawlessly executed. Joseph, Temba and Abraham at the farm were charming, eager to share their knowledge and were very helpful. Temba’s care with the grandchildren was exemplary. The choice of accommodation and length of time spent at each stop was perfect. The Mara Mara tented accommodation set a standard of luxury that would be hard to beat.

We did debate the use of plastic drinking bottles. As we are all becoming aware of the harm that  these do to the environment, we thought that it would be worth investigating the use of re-usable bottles. Possibly on arrival each guest could be given their own bottle which is re filled each night, with some large back up container in each vehicle. Camel-Back make a large insulated bottle which could be personalised at the start of each trip.  (We probably used about 100 bottles on this trip). Its just a thought, not a criticism but we thought that the type of  person using your company would appreciate a better solution.

We really enjoyed the stay at Simon’s farm, but did not realise how far a trip it is from the airport, possibly this is something you could make your customers aware of, just so that one is prepared. Our guide at this stage was Emanuel, he was not as communicative nor as helpful as the rest of the SENE team we encountered. The trip from the airport passed many interesting sights and insights into Tanzanian life, it would have made the three hours shorter if we had someone who could have imparted some information as we travelled.

These are not complaints, just observations that you may wish to be aware of.

We had a thoroughly delightful time and would not hesitate to use your company again and also will strongly recommend you to anyone expressing an interest in Tanzania. Best wishes and thank you again for a job well done.

Sean F. (Sep)
Thanks for everything. I had a great trip.
Saradhi S. (Aug)
Finally recovered from our Kilimanjaro experience of a lifetime. Seriously something I will treasure forever. I haven’t posted anything on social media yet, but will be sure to give SENE a tag and a shout out when I do. Your entire team from beginning to end was truly amazing and a lifesaver. I specifically wanted to give my main man Frank Temu a shout out. He did such a great job keeping my morale high, checking on me after my dad had to go down, and has a great taste in music 🙂 I really feel he would make a great head guide in the near future. Much appreciated for all your help, and will definitely recommend SENE to any of my friends looking for an amazing Tanzanian adventure!
Gavin L. (Aug)
We had an absolutely amazing time and couldn’t have better things to say about SENE, our guides, and everyone else we interacted with over our two weeks in Africa.
Tracy C. (Aug)
I wish that our on the hike experience with SENE lived up to the pre/post hike scenario. Our guide left a lot to be desired. With the amount of advance notice we had for our hike I wish that our guide had been as carefully selected as other aspects of our trip/planning and support. We were repeatedly having to fend for ourselves with regard to our experience and in times where we might be sore/injured or sick there was very low tolerance for that. We both had third degree sunburns and severely blistered (likely something that the guide might have suggested that as individuals not used to being so close to the equator we might take extra precautions). We were repeatedly lectured about our pace, over dependence on hiking poles and significant time where our lead guide was more keen to socialize with friends than hike along with us.
Danielle S. (Aug)
Thank you so much Tim, we had an incredible time in Tanzania, Kenya, at the school and on Safari! It was an incredible trip from start to finish and we are thankful for all of your organization and proper handling of our itinerary each step of the way! Paschal is a wonderful person, as was everyone we met on our journey, truly amazing and we will not forget a single person who contributed to a memorable family holiday. One that my kids will remember for their entire life, nothing like the first time in Africa!

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