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Testimonials 2018

If you wish to contact past SENE clients directly, please contact us to obtain a list of references.

Joris D. (Nov)
[Mbahe Farm Cottages] We had a great 2 days, hike was great, weather couldn’t have been better. I have only heard good feedback from the group, food was good, location something they had never experienced, in a good way! Jump in the cold water equally refreshing and good!  It was great, period! Thanks!
Erin M. (Oct)
We had an amazing time; the SENE team took such good care of us. And thank you for calling my mom after our summit attempt; she’s so nervous anytime we’re travelling outside of Canada, it was much appreciated.
Mary D. (Oct)
Everyone is excited that we summited. The weather definitely turned bad. We were so happy we went up a day earlier than planned. Felix was awesome. It was nasty coming down the day after, but we did it. I was having some issues with my stomach and hip/knee. John carried my pack for 2-3 days and he and David took me at my own pace beyond everyone else. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Thanks for all your help too! The lunch today with the whole group was awesome!!!

Ladi L. (Oct)
Dear Simon: We have safely arrived home with all our luggage (and your coffee and honey).  We will forever cherish the memories of your kindness and hospitality which made our trip an experience of a lifetime.  We look forward to an opportunity to have you and your family visit us in Vail. Asante sana!!
Shelley M. (Sep)
We had the most amazing time travelling with Sene and would definitely recommend the company to friends and family who intend on travelling to Tanzania.  Joseph and Temba were super guides, very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.
Melanie H. (Sep)
Arrived home on Sat. and already reflecting on what we all feel was the trip of a lifetime. I plan to email this feedback and describe the joy and meaning that this adventure has brought to us. Paschale – a wonderful and generous guide.Tim, thank you for your patience, and for choreographing a magnificent itinerary for our trip. We all plan to recommend SENE to any Aussies that we know who are planning a trip to Africa.
Jeff R. (Sep)
Team R are safely (and somewhat sadly) back in Sydney. We want to thank you and your team for a wonderful experience which was flawlessly executed. Joseph, Temba and Abraham at the farm were charming, eager to share their knowledge and were very helpful. Temba’s care with the grandchildren was exemplary. The choice of accommodation and length of time spent at each stop was perfect. The Mara Mara tented accommodation set a standard of luxury that would be hard to beat.

We did debate the use of plastic drinking bottles. As we are all becoming aware of the harm that  these do to the environment, we thought that it would be worth investigating the use of re-usable bottles. Possibly on arrival each guest could be given their own bottle which is re filled each night, with some large back up container in each vehicle. Camel-Back make a large insulated bottle which could be personalised at the start of each trip.  (We probably used about 100 bottles on this trip). Its just a thought, not a criticism but we thought that the type of  person using your company would appreciate a better solution.

We really enjoyed the stay at Simon’s farm, but did not realise how far a trip it is from the airport, possibly this is something you could make your customers aware of, just so that one is prepared. Our guide at this stage was Emanuel, he was not as communicative nor as helpful as the rest of the SENE team we encountered. The trip from the airport passed many interesting sights and insights into Tanzanian life, it would have made the three hours shorter if we had someone who could have imparted some information as we travelled.

These are not complaints, just observations that you may wish to be aware of.

We had a thoroughly delightful time and would not hesitate to use your company again and also will strongly recommend you to anyone expressing an interest in Tanzania. Best wishes and thank you again for a job well done.

Sean F. (Sep)
Thanks for everything. I had a great trip.
Saradhi S. (Aug)
Finally recovered from our Kilimanjaro experience of a lifetime. Seriously something I will treasure forever. I haven’t posted anything on social media yet, but will be sure to give SENE a tag and a shout out when I do. Your entire team from beginning to end was truly amazing and a lifesaver. I specifically wanted to give my main man Frank Temu a shout out. He did such a great job keeping my morale high, checking on me after my dad had to go down, and has a great taste in music 🙂 I really feel he would make a great head guide in the near future. Much appreciated for all your help, and will definitely recommend SENE to any of my friends looking for an amazing Tanzanian adventure!
Gavin L. (Aug)
We had an absolutely amazing time and couldn’t have better things to say about SENE, our guides, and everyone else we interacted with over our two weeks in Africa.
Tracy C. (Aug)
I wish that our on the hike experience with SENE lived up to the pre/post hike scenario. Our guide left a lot to be desired. With the amount of advance notice we had for our hike I wish that our guide had been as carefully selected as other aspects of our trip/planning and support. We were repeatedly having to fend for ourselves with regard to our experience and in times where we might be sore/injured or sick there was very low tolerance for that. We both had third degree sunburns and severely blistered (likely something that the guide might have suggested that as individuals not used to being so close to the equator we might take extra precautions). We were repeatedly lectured about our pace, over dependence on hiking poles and significant time where our lead guide was more keen to socialize with friends than hike along with us.
Danielle S. (Aug)
Thank you so much Tim, we had an incredible time in Tanzania, Kenya, at the school and on Safari! It was an incredible trip from start to finish and we are thankful for all of your organization and proper handling of our itinerary each step of the way! Paschal is a wonderful person, as was everyone we met on our journey, truly amazing and we will not forget a single person who contributed to a memorable family holiday. One that my kids will remember for their entire life, nothing like the first time in Africa!
Brian F. (Jul)
I wanted to let you and Simon know how grateful I am for the once-in-a-lifetime experience SENE provided. I had an awesome time and appreciate all of the work that Augustino, John, and the whole crew provided. I have been asked countless times about how hard the climb was and I am very honest in my reply: my part of the trip was easy because I simply had to walk up the mountain. The team made it easy for me. I really do mean it when I say I appreciate everything they did for me.

I could write you a novel, but I want you to know that I enjoyed every facet of the trip, from the staying at the awesome, comfortable cottages, to the food, to the climb, and to the views (and the hot shower after getting off the mountain!). I also enjoyed getting to know some of the crew (though I wish I could have got to know all of them). I appreciate each of them that took the time to talk to us about where they were from, their family, etc.

The only part of the trip that was slightly uncomfortable was the tipping process at the celebratory lunch. I will first say that I had absolutely no problem tipping the crew. I struggled mightily with the amount to tip. I wanted to provide every member of the crew with something extra. I did not feel that I could provide a tip to some but not others because I recognize that each member of the crew had a hand in getting me to the top of the mountain. (Ziggy carried my bag, Emanuel carried Kyle’s and helped us reach the summit, Robson cooked amazing food, Colorado did a great job serving our food, Damien (Moidembe – which I know spelled wrong) assisted with cooking, Antone carried water, Nelson carried supplies, etc. I wish I remembered everyone’s name, but I know they all contributed mightily.)

Ultimately, I did my best in allocating the cash that that I brought among the entire crew, and while I distributed all of the cash that I brought, I still didn’t feel like it was enough. Again, I appreciate all of their hard work and hope that what I was able to give was sufficient (and impactful). That said, it was uncomfortable sitting at a table with the crew watching Kyle and I as we tried to determine how much to provide to each member. Even after we came up with an allocation, I was not comfortable pulling out a large sum of money to distribute (especially since the larger bills needed to be broken down into smaller bills). We asked Augustino (and the SENE representative – I cannot remember his name) if it was acceptable to get change for our bills and to provide the tips to SENE the following morning. They did say that was acceptable, but I do feel like the crew was somewhat disappointed with not receiving a tip that day. I do hope that I didn’t offend any member of the crew and I do hope they fully understand how much I appreciate all of their help.

I hope this feedback is helpful to you, Simon, and SENE. I am happy to discuss in more detail if you would like and I would be more than happy to provide how exciting, amazing, awesome, well-run, organized, etc. my experience with SENE was. I certainly did not go wrong with choosing SENE as my guide to the rooftop of Africa.

Christopher C. (Jul)
It was a wonderful trip and experience from start to finish. Great itinerary; perfect balance of activities. The highlight of the trip for me was meeting all of the SENE guides and porters and cooks and getting to know everyone. That made the hiking portion and summit experience both doable and rewarding. And, Willie was an excellent driver and guide. We enjoyed his company very much.  We will certainly recommend SENE (as it was recommended to us) in the future.
Ted L. (Jul)
Don’t hesitate to choose SENE.
(Ted also noted some disappointments: “The number of people on Kilimanjaro–next time I might look for a quieter route. Safari menu same as climb menu.” Ed. note: Ted climbed via the Machame route and had a standard camping safari.)
Marty F. (Jul)
What a great adventure we had! I have a hundred nice things to say about the SENE Tanzania team. Felix did an amazing job of varying the climb schedule so that he could ensure that a 14, 16, and 17 year old got to the summit. You know as well as I how difficult that is!

I would recommend one thing to all of your clients that would make summit day a bit easier, Kahtoola microspike crampons. There’s a lot of snow at the top, I was really surprised. As ultrarunners we’ve been using these for years and they’re amazing. Although [our group] were fairly efficient on the slippery ice and snow even without the kahtoola’s, folks on other teams were having difficulties and I would expect some of your other clients who haven’t traveled much on snow/ice might have issues. Incredibly, we observed a team in climbing boots and regular crampons, way overkill. The kahtoolas are lightweight insurance against someone taking a hard fall at the top. I suppose maybe all the snow at the top might go away in the Tanazania summer? Felix said it was the most snow they’ve seen in sometime.

Leni K. (Jul)
Dear Simon, Felix, Joseph and Tim –
A HUGE thank you for a fantastic vacation! I cannot say enough positive things about our entire experience.
Start to finish – SENE is in a class all by itself in terms of just about everything: attention to detail, safety, knowledge, kindness, professionalism, service, and inspiration – WOW!
I will happily and wholeheartedly recommend SENE from here forward and hope we can return again before too long!
Our kids keep thanking us for such an amazing experience and we keep having to tell them it’s SENE they need to thank 🙂
We had an awesome time on the climb and enjoyed all of the crew – Felix is such a rock star and I swear his summit crew sang to us the last 1500-2000 vertical feet of our climb! Menasse and John took such good care of us. And the food (we want Kiplet to write a cookbook!) – what can I say, but YUM!
We all couldn’t get enough of touring Simon’s farm – that place is incredible and it was so generous of him to spend the entire day with us! I loved getting to meet his boys and Tara too – what a lovely family.
And then there was our Adventures with Joseph 🙂 We all loved having Joseph as our guide – he is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, intuitive, full of great stories and has a great sense of humor. We could not believe all the animals we saw during the safari – I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better outcome.
We all left feeling a bit of sadness, not because our vacation was over, but because it felt like we were saying goodbye to family.
I truly hope we are able to remain in touch with everyone. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us. Both S and R are so proud of their accomplishment of summiting Kili and they are already talking about when and how they can visit again. S wants to find a way to do service work too.

A deep THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for memories that will last a lifetime.

Mark R. (Jun)
I want to first off say “Ahsante Sana!” to you and all the staff at SENE for making our safari truly an unforgettable experience!
Our guide Gerald was such a pleasure to be with the entire time, with his vast amount of experience on all the wild life, locations and everything in general!
We will never forget all the amazing things we did and saw throughout our journey!
I have been extremely busy from the day I returned home, so I haven’t had time to post any reviews yet, but I assure you I will.
Everything you put together on our itinerary exceeded our expectations from the locations we traveled, the accommodations we stayed at, the food and the activities we did!
Truly an experience we will all remember for ever!
I will definitely recommend SENE to all my friends that want to do a safari, which will be several after the pictures we have shared of our experience.
Again, thanks for everything and making our safari the best we could have ever imagined!
Charles B. (Jun)
Thanks for a great trip. Definitely memorable and the SENE team treated us like kings.
Dan B. (Jun)
SENE’s professionalism, service, and competent and friendly guides and support staff provided a fabulous once in a lifetime experience climbing Kilimanjaro. Their knowledge of the mountain and region, jovial and friendly leadership, and professional attention to our safety and summit success gave us confidence every day of the hike. I whole-heartedly recommend SENE for any who would like to reach the summit.
Séverine. B (Jun)
Poa Nathalie (On ne sait si ça s écrit comme ca 😀 ). Nous sommes plus que ravis de notre séjour en Tanzanie. On vous a déjà donné nos excellentes impressions sur Félix et la ferme Mbahe. On a adoré la suite du voyage et le safari.  Rickson est un super guide et une belle personne. Chaque jour a été une expérience différente et unique, du parc ngorongoro à la rencontre avec une famille Masaai. Les lodges étaient vraiment très biens : très propres, spacieux, rien à redire pour le personnel. Même si elle était différente, la nourriture était excellente partout.
Nous avons déjà prévu de vous recommander au parrain de Damien et à sa tante qui prévoient un voyage prochainement en Tanzanie.
Merci pour tout. 
Linda B. (Jun)
Quick email but the student visit was fantastic! Simon was his usual charismatic self. And the SENE staff from chef to waiter, guide to porter were fabulous!
Craig S. (Jun)
Great trip. Still can’t believe it really happened. Sene was great each step of the way.
David G. (May)
Hello Nathalie,
It was an amazing trip.  The entire SENE team was sensational.  The climb was planned superbly.  Pickup at the airport was effortless and smooth.  The ride to Mbahe Village was a ton of fun where we were pleasantly greeted by friendly porters as we made our way to the dining room and cottages.  The food was great.  I so appreciated the hospitality and oversight.  The next day, our lead guide reviewed all our gear and made a few wise recommendations about what to leave behind.  The planning list provided in advance was quite complete, so there were no omissions.
The crew continually amazed us on the mountain.  It was a fantastic and well-orchestrated effort.  We miss them!
The 6-day safari was wonderful as well.  Excellent planning.  Our driver did a fantastic job.
Thank you so much for a great experience!
Jane W. (Mar)
It is rare in life that reality exceeds our fantasies. That was certainly the case for me on my recent Safari with SENE. Everything from the initial communication from Simon through the excellent planning our custom itinerary and personal advice and assistance by Tim to the fantastic safari tent camps made the adventure effortless. But our guides made our adventure the most fun and magical imaginable. Gerald and Pascali must be the best guides in all of Tanzania… so much expertise, knowledge, patience, wisdom , humor, and winning personalities! SENE is the best!!!
Adam S. (Mar)
Asante Sana. I had a fantastic time in Tanzania!  We witnessed a complete elephant funeral on the Serengeti!  Gerald, mine and Jane’s driver, was great!  He was always a couple steps ahead and put us in prime viewing/photographing position every time.
I plan on looking into SENE for a Kilimanjaro climb in the future.
Brian J. (Mar)
It was fascinating to learn about the farming practices and community around Moshi. Running along the forest border was lovely, especially around the deep gorge and thin waterfall.
Kristen G. (Feb)
Thanks so much for the kind note! We had an amazing trip and came home with many wonderful memories. We’ll definitely be singing the praises of SENE to anyone who will listen!
Thanks especially for your helpful emails and patience with our never-ending questions. We appreciate your guidance along the way!
Please convey our thanks to Simon and the amazing crew we worked with – other Tim, John, Arnold, David, and Joseph especially.
Asante sana!
Ed B. (Feb)
We can’t begin to thank you and the SENE crew enough for making our trip a “trip of a lifetime.” Truly what an epic adventure and we cannot thank all the great people at SENE who helped. And as far as Emily and I having to go down, it’s all good in my book. At least we were on the playing field and in the game. We have a great crew to thank including our guides Tim, John and Arnold. When Emily had chest pains, they were very attentive and made sure we were taken care of immediately. And as for the other supermen who help cook, clean, porter and more – we are forever grateful. And lest we not forget Wilson and Lenny and all the great people at the farm. In addition, Emily and I want to thank Maureen and Timothy from the home office for all they did to make sure we were comfortable in Moshi after the climb. Lastly big shout out to our safari guide Joseph. Wow, does this guy have eagle eyes or what??? He could pick out things that none of us would ever have been able to see. And his driving skills, especially in the rainy weather, were outstanding. And also that he had a year of mechanics school under his belt gave us extra confidence on our trip.

Rest assured I will be recommending and posting about SENE in the social links below. And as Kristen said, thank you for all the helpful emails and patience with our never-ending questions. You are invaluable to the SENE organization and many people rely on your good work.

Onward and upward we go Tim – and thanks to you – we really did!

Joan C. (Feb) (14th trip)
Fabulous as always. The workers are the best–the same familiar faces. Could not do our trip without Felix. The ladies loved his hikes through the waterfalls and the village.
Curt H. (Jan)
I want to tell you that our trip was outstanding.  It was extra special with Simon able to join us.  It was so successful that I am considering another trip in 2020.

Testimonials 2017

David C. (Nov)
Merci SENE de nous avoir permis de vivre une belle aventure sur les pentes du Kilimandjaro ! Grâce à votre prestation très professionnelle, nous avons pu fouler le toit de l’Afrique et apprécier le lever du Soleil là-haut ! Je vous recommanderai auprès de mes connaissances qui souhaiteraient également vivre ce privilège !.
Jim D. (Dec)
Super job on all aspects of the trip. Incredibly well organized and attention to detail. Fantastic staff who really cared about our well being. One of the best trips of our lives..
Susan K. (Dec)
We had an amazing trip–the guides were fabulous!
Paul K. (Dec)
Tim, I want to thank you for the great trip, We had an amazing time even with the chest colds that needed attention!….I only wish we could have had twice the time at Stonestown and Kigali…..I forwarded your name to some friends who want a similar trip.
Abdullah A. (Dec)
Honestly everything was excellent and I will do it again with the same agancy provided that the same crew is there and my feedback below are well handled.
Positive feedback:
– The lady who made my reservation was very supportive and she made me more excited for the summit
-The two guides are perfect match Goodson and David and without them I doubt that I would have achieved my summit.
– The guy who carried the Safty equipment during the summit (Emmanuel) was very inspiring.
– The Chef Jomah was great Chef
– The driver Willy who took me from the airport had great knowledge of many things and excellent talker
– Again everything was excellent and the whole crew are nice people who made my trip worth it.
Negative feedback:
– I was overcharged more than my original invoice with exactly 109.01 USD and that is absolutely not fair and I inquired about this and there reply was (then your bank charged fees because of the currency change) which are not true and honestly I give the maximum tip and I give even Extra more to the crew (because they deserve it) it is not about money it is about the concept you give me an invoice you bill me accordingly and if you make mistakes we are human that is okay, but you got to fix your mistake.
[SENE response:  We sent the client his receipt showing the amount we charged to his card, which was the amount on his invoice.  The additional $109.01 he was billed was added by his bank as a foreign transaction fee.] – Change the car that took me to the airport because I did not feel that I was safe at all and the driver as well because he is not friendly at all and he lays when he dropped me at the airport he told me that there is no trolley and there was many trolley.
Lydian V. (Dec)
Wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for helping to plan an amazing Safari vacation. Our guide Julius was great and worked very hard to show us how amazing Tanzania is. He always focused on showing us the most out of each place we visited and was very informative.
The tented camp was amazing and all the staff was extremely friendly!
This trip was a dream come true and was way beyond anything we could have ever imagined!
Rena L. (Kilimanjaro Stage Run)
Dear Nathalie,
Dear Simon,
I want to take the opportunity to give you this POSITIVE feedback and say THANK YOU for an never forgettable and life-changing experience. There is nothing else to say everything was just perfect and everybody who was involved in this amazing Run did an excellent job. You really could felt the passion for this event.
A special thank you also to Joseph (please pass this greeting to him) ….I appreciated his help a lot also with getting around to Kisangara after the Run-Safari Trip and the Safari was just amazing and a unique experience as well!
Thank you for everything…I´m looking forward to meeting you again….I will be back in Tanzania for the Kilimanjaro Marathon next year march!
Donald W. (Oct)
I just wanted to email (very belatedly) to say thanks so much for a wonderful morning running with Simon and Manase a couple of weekends ago. It was a real highlight of our time in Tanzania. We were also really touched Simon when one of your friends came round the next morning with a bag of coffee. I look forward to drinking many cups in the future and thinking of Kili.
Thank you again and all the best for the rest of 2017 and beyond.
Tara C. (Sep)
This trip was in celebration of my 40th birthday and was everything I dreamed it would be! The SENE crew were absolutely fantastic and felt like family on the mountain. I was nervous about the hike, but my guide Augustine made me feel extremely comfortable. The entire staff and crew made this trip even more fantastic by their welcoming nature and submitting the mountain was an absolute bonus! The safari portion was also FANTASTIC, it was great seeing all the wildlife up close an personal. All of our accommodations and food were spectacular. I would highly recommend SENE to anyone looking for an Adventure of a Lifetime!!! Thank you.
Susan T. (Sep)
I chose SENE 4 years ago from word of mouth and didn’t even look at another company for this trip.  Absolutely the best company and owned by a local. Safe, clean water, food and the most knowledgeable, friendly guides. I highly recommend SENE for Kili climb and Safari.
Mary P. (Sep)
Hi, thanks for the note! It was amazing. The summit wasn’t that big of a deal in the big picture. It was intense and rewarding trekking for 8 days. We did about half of the summit climb but turned back about 2-3K from the top, at about 3:30AM in the dark and cold, because my core body temperature felt unsafe and there was no way to warm up…it was hard to make that call, but we decided to err on the side of safety given our three little ones waiting for our safe return. The altitude felt pretty crappy, and I wasn’t able to move fast enough to stay warm. So it was both altitude and cold but the cold that did me in. I am sorry not to have made that last bit…but it was really more about the journey and that was amazing. We loved SENE and were so happy to have been with them. I am in love with Tanzanians and with Africa, from the bit I’ve seen…such a joyful and welcoming country to be part of for a bit.

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Testimonials 2016

Marianne Z. (Sep)
My daughter and I had an amazing trip! The Serengeti makes you feel like you are in a movie surrounded by many and every animal imaginable. Kilimanjaro is beautiful! Our guides became our friends, and were extremely knowledgeable. We never worried about our safety or health! The entire trip flowed without worries! We would recommend SENE to all our friends, family and anyone seeking a great experience and adventure in Africa!
David B. (Sep)
In short, everything was perfect. I think that you exceeded the groups’ expectations, especially with the hotel picks. They just kept getting better and better.
Nick P. (Aug)
We would thoroughly recommend SENE. We had an excellent vacation climbing Kilimanjaro with wonderful guides and porters and delicious food. We then had a perfect safari with our expert guide Paschal. A holiday of a lifetime! Tanzania needs to bring the cost down (not within SENE’s control, I appreciate). The cost of a vacation in Tanzania seems very high compared with other parts of the world.
Cooke H. (Aug)
One of the best trips of my life! Fantastic organization that works with its clients and strives to enhance the livelihood of the Tanzanians.
Chris B. (Sep)
Hello Tim and Simon,
We just arrived home from our trip last night and I wanted to send you both a note to thank you for the wonderful experience.
I cannot imagine it being any better. I simply can’t. From the moment we arrived we were in awe of the treatment we received from every single person we met.
I must admit the logistics of such an extensive tour, in so many different locations, from our arrival and time up the mountain to our time on Chumbe Island, and finally our multiple stops on our safari, had not really been appreciated before I experienced it. The amount of work and effort that you and your team must have gone through behind the scenes is truly amazing and your entire team is to be commended for the flawless execution from beginning to end.
I must make some special note of some very special people.
Upon arriving on the Simon’s farm we were introduced to Wilson. Truly a beautiful soul who became our teacher in preparation for the mountain on the first couple days before our climb. The approach that SENE takes by having us arrive on the farm and be greeted by such a warm and welcoming caretaker is a unique and wonderful approach to allowing us to rest from the long flight that we appreciated from the moment we arrived. We loved our time with Wilson and are very happy to have had the pleasure to spend some time with him and the others on Simon’s farm.
Our guides on Kilimanjaro… Jackson Mtui and Manase Lyimo truly were inspiring and I can’t say enough about them. They were always there to make us smile and laugh when times were particularly tough, teach us about our surroundings and encourage us all the way up the mountain no matter what the conditions, our mood, how tired they were, we were, whatever… I’ve travelled to many, many places around the world and had opportunity to meet lots of people along the way. This was different. These people became friends and I really hope to keep in touch with them for a long, long time to come.
Our entire camping crew and porters… In my life, I have never, ever seen a harder working crew of people. I literally wept when I arrived at camp on the second day, after a very tough 6 hour hike, when I was greeted by them singing songs and cheering us on. You had told me before we arrived how hard they worked but I simply was not prepared for what I saw and I don’t know if anyone could ever appreciate it unless they experience it for themselves just how much they do for us and how difficult their job is. My family and I will forever be changed by this experience and I am grateful to each and every person that put their heart and soul into getting us up that mountain.
Our safari driver Paschal… He is truly a fantastic guide. There was not a plant, bird, or animal that he did not know instantly and that he couldn’t speak about in great detail. He knew exactly where to go in order to make sure we saw everything possible and believe me we did… in many, many cases up close and personal!! From a wildlife perspective I don’t think the tour could have been more complete. From the excitement of lions, leopards and cheetahs on the hunt, seeing herds of hundreds zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, elephant and giraffe migrating across the Serengeti, Rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater, hippos sunbathing in mud pools, crocodiles slithering through swampy waters, and green mamba tree snakes hanging from the branches of an acacia we experienced it all. All of this was made possible by Paschal’s keen eye for finding hidden sites and his incredible knowledge of the surroundings. We’ll never forget him and you should know he’s a spectacular guide for anyone who appreciates learning about the beauty of the wildlife and landscape we were there to observe.
I could go on for hours but I’ll leave it there. We truly do appreciate everything that SENE did to make this by far the greatest experience of my life and that of my family’s. You have set the bar impossibly high for any other tours that we may take in the future as we visit other places around the globe. That said, my wife is already poking me to make another trek up the mountain so we might be contacting you again in the not so distant future.
Thank you, so very much.
Sheryl S. (Jul)
Incredible experience made all the better by the expertise, kindness, professionalism and camaraderie of the SENE guides, porters and cooks. You could not be in better hands. Thank you Felix, John and Menasi.
Zach M. (Kilimanjaro Stage Run)
The whole trip was the highlight, friendly group of people both from SENE and the others on the trip. It will be a difficult challenge to beat from a point view of the experience and the views.

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Testimonials 2015

Zachary S. (Running Trip)
Thanks for helping to organize! The trip was wonderful, and I really enjoyed myself.
I ended up doing a full marathon distance (42km), and was really challenged by the terrain and elevation – but definitely would do it all again if I could!
Many thanks to you and your organization!
Warm Regards,
Feather G.
I had a truly amazing time in Tanzania visiting a school near Pangani and then the safari with our wonderful guide Gerald. He knows his stuff and is happy to answer our absurd questions. I had never been on a safari before so had no expectations but Dan had been on 5 and thought this was the best. I am sure he will give you a feed back. My grandchildren can’t believe there was no wire between the animals and me. We could have touched the lions (don’t worry we were well in the wagon) but the photos are charming 6 male lions having an afternoon nap! Les hommes!
I will always promote your company as it was well planned and I am now looking for teachers for the Children of Choba who are keen for education.
Katy S.
I truly couldn’t have imagined a better, more well-planned trip.
SENE arranged everything so it was a very stress-free experience. I felt very well cared for, and that the guides were sincerely interested in enriching the experience. I ask a lot of questions…about birds, flowers, the mountain itself, weather, culture etc. and I didn’t feel like they were bothered by me but rather, interested in teaching.
Suggested Improvements: The only thing that comes to mind is the quality of the sleeping bag I rented. It is rated 0 degree, but I think because it is old the integrity had been compromised and I was colder than normal.
SENE was fun, professional and detail-oriented. They made my first visit to Africa stress-free and exceptional! I highly recommend this outfit to anyone wanting to explore Tanzania.

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Testimonials 2014

Ian V.
“This was a truly incredible experience! The amount of responsibility undertaken by SENE and, in particular, the Chief Guide is mind blowing. This was our first trekking experience and we have definitely been bitten by the trekking bug. We are already considering our next adventure and thank SENE for instilling this confidence in us!
Our Chief Guide, Felix, instilled confidence through the trek with his mantra “Yes we can!”
Although scary, it is good to know that the gamow bag and oxygen are available if needed.
The afternoon conditioning hikes before the trek and throughout were not only fun and exhilarating but were invaluable to helping us successfully reach Uhuru Peak. Let’s do it again!
I still can’t believe that so much effort was made for me on my birthday. A cake in the shape of Africa with a rose, hand carried from Moshi to Lava Tower – truly overwhelming!”
Randy M.
The trip was fantastic and exceeded all expectations. Traveling through the Usambaras on bikes was incredible.
Helena P.
Just finished completing the SENE feedback form, and want to let you know that I am so pleased with literally everything! Could not come up with a single thing that could be improved.  I so enjoyed all of my stay in Tanzania that I have already started planning for new adventures…  That, however, will have to wait a while!  I will do everything I can to spread the word of SENE here in Sweden, and very much hope for many of my nationals to be as lucky as I was. Maybe one day I will be able to bring some friends along for a safari, who knows?

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Testimonials 2013

Dan and Jill S.
SENE’s Kilimanjaro experience is second to none. The professionalism, the service, the food, the stay at Simon’s family farm in Mbahe, the guides — we were blown away by it all. Cannot possibly recommend SENE highly enough!
Linda T. & Rocco G.
It took me a year to decide which outfitter to choose. In the end I chose SENE because they are environmentally friendly, treat their porters with respect and take care of them not taking advantage of them. I did not want to summit at night and SENE is one of the few outfitters that has a day time summit option. In addition, I liked the idea of staying at the farm and meeting Simon. I am so very happy that I chose SENE! Amazing from start to finish. Thank you… Thank you!
John & Anette P.
Our experience on the climb far exceeded our expectations. We were welcomed by the perfect host at the farm. He was wonderful. We loved our 3 guides–they were kind, caring, ever-watchful, knowledgeable and professional. We also very much appreciated our cooks and porters–they worked very hard and were a lot of fun. The food was wonderfully fresh and healthy–of huge importance to us.
We also spent 4 days on safari with SENE and loved that as well. We peppered our driver with questions constantly and he was great–very knowledgeable and fun to travel with. He had a knack for getting the animals to pose for our pictures–don’t know how he did it, but our pictures are fabulous! We would highly recommend SENE to anyone climbing Kilimanjaro or taking a safari.

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Testimonials 2012 and earlier

Alex S.
This was a stand-out experience from start to finish! This trip was not just about accomplishing the climb, it was about experiencing and enjoying the culture of Tanzania. One of the key distinctions for us was SENE’s care for the environment: they adhered to the leave no trace policy and served very tasty organic food. I would recommend SENE to anyone who wants to have a successful climb and make memories that last a lifetime.
Katja R.
I was treated like a princess on the mountain. The camping experience was a pleasant surprise for a city girl as I had a superb SENE crew to take care of me! My guide Honest helped me in every possible way to reach the summit and admire a sunrise on top of the Uhuru Peak. Asante Sana!
Jim G.
Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience (SENE) was an excellent choice. They were very professional in all respects. Good guides, great food and good equipment. The guides and porters all seemed to have a good time and make us feel that our enjoyment was important. The food was exceptional–lots of fresh fruit, hot porridge for breakfast, hot soup for lunch and hot entrees every evening. SENE exceeded all of my expectations.
Sondra H.
Our trip with SENE was beyond wonderful. The guides and porters exceeded our expectations. All three of us made it to Uhuru Peak with minimal altitude problems.

Linda & Larry E.
Thank you for one of the best trips we have ever taken.  Our itinerary was extremely diverse and well thought-out.  Our accommodations and food were excellent.  SENE’s staff — at all levels — were punctual, professional, knowledgeable, warm and friendly.  Everyone made us feel welcome and appreciated.
Cliff & Holly C.
I was treated like a princess on the mountain. The camping experience was a pleasant surprise for a city girl as I had a superb SENE crew to take care of me! My guide Honest helped me in every possible way to reach the summit and admire a sunrise on top of the Uhuru Peak. Asante Sana!
Val H.
SENE put together an amazing experience, a once in a lifetime trip that I will always cherish.  The entire staff is really friendly, knowledgeable and professional  – I would not have done anything different and feel lucky that I was part of the SENE experience.
Brian H.
Posted to Facebook.
I am delighted to do anything I can to support SENE. I am sure that this group is second to none when it comes to creating the best experience to the top of Africa. From the meals to the extra special monitoring, I felt as though I had my mother and family physician there to make sure that I stayed in good keeping. I’m certain that with every expedition, they make the experience special in a way that leaves each climber feeling as though they are the only group on the mountain. Every accomplishment was a celebration with friends. A special thanks to Felix, John, Ayumi and others.

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