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Testimonials 2017

Jim D. (Dec)
Super job on all aspects of the trip. Incredibly well organized and attention to detail. Fantastic staff who really cared about our well being. One of the best trips of our lives..

Susan K. (Dec)
We had an amazing trip–the guides were fabulous!

Paul K. (Dec)
Tim, I want to thank you for the great trip, We had an amazing time even with the chest colds that needed attention!… I only wish we could have had twice the time at Stonestown and Kigali… I forwarded your name to some friends who want a similar trip.

Abdullah A. (Dec)
Honestly everything was excellent and I will do it again with the same agancy provided that the same crew is there and my feedback below are well handled.
Positive feedback:
– The lady who made my reservation was very supportive and she made me more excited for the summit
-The two guides are perfect match Goodson and David and without them I doubt that I would have achieved my summit.
– The guy who carried the Safty equipment during the summit (Emmanuel) was very inspiring.
– The Chef Jomah was great Chef
– The driver Willy who took me from the airport had great knowledge of many things and excellent talker
– Again everything was excellent and the whole crew are nice people who made my trip worth it.
Negative feedback:
– I was overcharged more than my original invoice with exactly 109.01 USD and that is absolutely not fair and I inquired about this and there reply was (then your bank charged fees because of the currency change) which are not true and honestly I give the maximum tip and I give even Extra more to the crew (because they deserve it) it is not about money it is about the concept you give me an invoice you bill me accordingly and if you make mistakes we are human that is okay, but you got to fix your mistake.
[SENE response:  We sent the client his receipt showing the amount we charged to his card, which was the amount on his invoice.  The additional $109.01 he was billed was added by his bank as a foreign transaction fee.] – Change the car that took me to the airport because I did not feel that I was safe at all and the driver as well because he is not friendly at all and he lays when he dropped me at the airport he told me that there is no trolley and there was many trolley.

Lydian V. (Dec)
Wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for helping to plan an amazing Safari vacation. Our guide Julius was great and worked very hard to show us how amazing Tanzania is. He always focused on showing us the most out of each place we visited and was very informative.
The tented camp was amazing and all the staff was extremely friendly!
This trip was a dream come true and was way beyond anything we could have ever imagined!

David C. (Nov)
Merci SENE de nous avoir permis de vivre une belle aventure sur les pentes du Kilimandjaro ! Grâce à votre prestation très professionnelle, nous avons pu fouler le toit de l’Afrique et apprécier le lever du Soleil là-haut ! Je vous recommanderai auprès de mes connaissances qui souhaiteraient également vivre ce privilège !

Donald W. (Oct)
I just wanted to email (very belatedly) to say thanks so much for a wonderful morning running with Simon and Manase a couple of weekends ago. It was a real highlight of our time in Tanzania. We were also really touched Simon when one of your friends came round the next morning with a bag of coffee. I look forward to drinking many cups in the future and thinking of Kili.
Thank you again and all the best for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Tara C. (Sep)
This trip was in celebration of my 40th birthday and was everything I dreamed it would be! The SENE crew were absolutely fantastic and felt like family on the mountain. I was nervous about the hike, but my guide Augustine made me feel extremely comfortable. The entire staff and crew made this trip even more fantastic by their welcoming nature and submitting the mountain was an absolute bonus! The safari portion was also FANTASTIC, it was great seeing all the wildlife up close an personal. All of our accommodations and food were spectacular. I would highly recommend SENE to anyone looking for an Adventure of a Lifetime!!! Thank you.

Susan T. (Sep)
I chose SENE 4 years ago from word of mouth and didn’t even look at another company for this trip.  Absolutely the best company and owned by a local. Safe, clean water, food and the most knowledgeable, friendly guides. I highly recommend SENE for Kili climb and Safari.

Mary P. (Sep)
Hi, thanks for the note! It was amazing. The summit wasn’t that big of a deal in the big picture. It was intense and rewarding trekking for 8 days. We did about half of the summit climb but turned back about 2-3K from the top, at about 3:30AM in the dark and cold, because my core body temperature felt unsafe and there was no way to warm up…it was hard to make that call, but we decided to err on the side of safety given our three little ones waiting for our safe return. The altitude felt pretty crappy, and I wasn’t able to move fast enough to stay warm. So it was both altitude and cold but the cold that did me in. I am sorry not to have made that last bit…but it was really more about the journey and that was amazing. We loved SENE and were so happy to have been with them. I am in love with Tanzanians and with Africa, from the bit I’ve seen…such a joyful and welcoming country to be part of for a bit.

Kathy N. (Sep)
I wanted to extend a sincere thank you to the entire SENE team. My trip to Africa was fabulous!  From the initial planning until the day of departure, you, Tim were a fabulous resource.  You answered countless questions and put me at ease. As you recall, I set out alone on the first part of this trip—the Kili climb via the Lemosho route.  I did quite a bit of research and I ( as well as my husband) came to realize that SENE was the outfitter of choice.  I was not disappointed!

From the time I was picked up at the airport until departure day, the logistics went smoothly.

I enjoyed my pre and post climb stay at the farm.  The accommodations and food were great and it was a pleasure to meet Wilson.  He ensured all gear was adequate and ready for the climb.

I had summited Kili 12 years ago but had concerns that I couldn’t do it again.  Augustine and Jackson ensured my success.,  They were professional, compassionate and encouraging each step and each day of the trek. As each day of the climb passed, I was drawn deeper into the beauty of the mountain and the spirit of the people.  I can say although portions were hard, I enjoyed and savored every moment of the journey.  The entire crew was fabulous- from setting up camp, to encouraging words and song, to meals.

We got to summit in the afternoon which was nice as we had the entire place to ourselves. We had the opportunity to take many summit photos and relax a bit there.  We then spent the night at crater camp – a very unique experience.

Post climb, my husband joined me and we had a wonderful safari experience at Oliver’s and Sayari camps.

Simon has assembled a top notch staff that provides clients the trip of a lifetime experience—thank you to all of the SENE team!

Patty T. (Sep)
As a tour operator, SENE is affordable, easy to work with, flexible and has fantastic guides and vehicles.

Pratik J. (Sep)
SENE helped us create memories of the life time. Owner and staff’s passion and interest about hiking reflected in our wonderful expedition.

Deven S. (Sep)
Thank you Tim!  On behalf of our group I would like to thank you and all of Simon & Felix’s Team for an exceptional job.  Our experience far exceeded our expectations!  From the Safari to the climb, the SENE team went above and beyond to make us feel welcome, comfortable and to make our experience was a very rich and rewarding one.  They were caring and genuinely supportive of our goal.  Felix was simply an amazing guide, knowledgeable; caring; supportive and clearly a true leader, managing his guides, porters and our well-being.

Thank you for all the time you took with our group and your efforts in helping us get organized and ironing out our details for this trip. We had more then a few questions/concerns along the way and you were very supportive, timely and responsive for all.  Thank you!

Rena L. (Aug) (Kilimanjaro Stage Run)
Dear Nathalie,
Dear Simon,
I want to take the opportunity to give you this POSITIVE feedback and say THANK YOU for an never forgettable and life-changing experience. There is nothing else to say everything was just perfect and everybody who was involved in this amazing Run did an excellent job. You really could felt the passion for this event.
A special thank you also to Joseph (please pass this greeting to him) ….I appreciated his help a lot also with getting around to Kisangara after the Run-Safari Trip and the Safari was just amazing and a unique experience as well!
Thank you for everything…I´m looking forward to meeting you again….I will be back in Tanzania for the Kilimanjaro Marathon next year march!

Karen K. (Jul)
We had a fantastic trip from start to finish and I just filled out the SENE form.
It was exhilarating getting to the top and we felt that our guides and crew were there for us 100%. Fortunately, we are strong hikers and the hiking and summiting was not a problem for us, (Taking the diamox probably also helped). However, we felt secure in knowing that if we did have any struggles our guides and team would help us in any way possible. The scenery was amazing and dramatic and we loved the experience from beginning to end, starting with Mbahe farm. We stayed an extra night and really enjoyed going on several walks/hikes to different points. Wilson was very strict about not wanting us to leave the farm without him or a chaperone. This felt a little odd at first but we could understand it better as time went on. He led us on 3 terrific walks. We were also really impressed with the hotel in Moishe. I am blanking on the name – but it is really relaxing and a soothing and beautiful environment. The pool is also a plus and the food is good. We also very much enjoyed our walking/souvenir buying tour the next day.

Philippa P. (Jul)
Our trip was….AMAZING!!!

Diane B. (Jul)
Hi Nathalie – The trip was great!  I think I’m fully recovered from jet-lag.  The Kilimanjaro hike was amazing.  Our guides and crew were great!  Godson and Amadeus were both fantastic guides.  They both made us feel very comfortable and welcome the entire time.  The rest of the crew was fantastic as well…we loved all the singing and dancing.  We felt as though we had support from all the crew members and they were such a joy to have on the trip.  We truly loved every minute of the hike and I hope others get to have the same guides and crew we did as it was perfect!

The safari was also amazing. We saw every animal except the rhino since it’s the dry season.  Our guide, Jared, was great.  He knew all the places to go and was very knowledgeable on animals.  He always made sure we got as close as we could when cars would crowd around us.  He was great!

The only item I’d recommend is during the planning stage.  I’d let potential clients know that there are flights to the Serengeti as opposed to driving.  The drive was close to 4 hours and extremely bumpy.  If we’d known about the road and the flight option we may have opted for that.  However, we are young so the road was bearable!

Amy M. (Jul)
Everything has been amazing so far- thank you!!!!   We loved the tent camp last night.  It was wonderful to sleep so close to the animals and we were the only ones there.   We were able to do a night safari and a walking safari and the visit to the Masei village was so cool!  The food was amazing too!
The game drives have been fantastic.  We just arrived at Kitela which is absolutely gorgeous.   Thanks again!!!!

Linda B. (Jul)
SENE provided an amazing experience for us on our first safari and stay at the Mbahe cottages. We couldn’t speak more highly of Tim, our guides, and the staff. The entire experience is one we will never forget. Thank you, SENE! We’re hoping to return!

Tom G. (Jun)
Tim, we had a great trip thanks to you, Simon and Joseph. We have been busy but will fill out the questionnaire. Have a terrific summer. Best regards to all.

Cheryl R. (Jun)
Thank you for such a great trip!  Julian had a wonderful time and we are enjoying his photos now.

Mark & Joan R. (Jun)
First of all, our guide Gerald was terrific. After a long (too long, in my opinion, having landed in many other foreign countries, some lots more primitive than Kilimanjaro Int’l airport) inefficient clearance, we got our gear and there was Gerald, smiling and waiting for us. He promptly took us to Rivertrees Inn for the first night in Tanzania. The remainder of our time with Gerald was great. He has a good sense of humor, is very communicative, and knows lots about the land, the animals, etc. He related wonderfully with both kids, as well as Joan and myself.

We loved everything about the safari. All the accommodations, staff, food, etc. were terrific. The only disappointment was not seeing any rhinos, although we saw lots of other game animals. The boys were disappointed in not getting to view any kills, but neither Joan nor I were. We had some great lion sightings, elephants and zebras in pools, and one lone cheetah seemed to be posing just for us on a termite mound, by the side of the road. Since I have not downloaded any of my photos into the computer as yet, I will ask Joan to send you some of the great shots she took on her iPhone.

Thank you for arranging my birthday cake. Although I knew about it in advance, it was still great having the staff sing and dance their way to me.

After leaving Gerald, our single engine flight back to Kilimanjaro airport was uneventful. Our grandson Julian got to sit in the copilot seat which he loved. We had been told that Joseph would be waiting for us, but he wasn’t there when we arrived. We later learned that he had been stopped by the police for not having some new sticker on the car, and he was delayed waiting for someone to come and pay the fine.

Because I didn’t want to go higher than the 6,000 ft. elevation of the farm cottages, I relaxed and read all day. I loved talking with Wilson, who is a great representative for SENE. Joan and the boys hiked up the mountain with Amadeus (I believe Simon’s younger brother) and one other guide. They enjoyed getting up to the second stop. However they were quite late getting back, and because Wilson couldn’t communicate with Amadeus, I was quite worried. Wilson finally was able to talk with Amadeus and arranged for a car to take them to the bridge, and they made the walk up in the dark. Poor timing I thought; they probably should have left earlier.

Finally, our family had such a fantastic time, and I will be happy to recommend SENE to any potential clients.

And to you, Tim…SENE could not have a better US representative. It was great working with you planning this amazing trip.

Jambo Tim-
As Mark stated, the SENE trip was an incredible adventure for all of us. Gerald was such a superb guide and always knew the best areas for viewing the wildlife. The vastness of the Serengeti with herds of animals is awe-inspiring. Amidst all this wonder, the Masai village was unforgettable. I will send photos in a separate email.
One correction in Mark’s comments concerning the Kilimanjaro climb. The boys and I went up to the first stop at 9,000 ft and not the second stop. We had a later start then usual because our teen-age grandsons are hard to get up in the morning. Amadeus and Auguste were our guides. Auguste went a little ahead with the boys who are faster and Amadeus went with me. Amadeus is knowledgeable about the mountain, the summit experience, the village, and the people in the community. I learned so much from him.
SENE deserves ? ???? for our safari!

Chris S. (Jun)
Thanks for the follow-up.  We had a great trip!  [Photo attached from Stella Point looking down on Mawenzi.]  The crew gave us great service and support from start to finish.  No worries on the crater.  We made that decision a few days in advance and enjoyed the nights better.  Sleeping at Barafu/15,000′ for both nights was great for acclimation and gave us a more relaxing (later) summit departure time as well as a night’s rest afterwards before heading down to Mweka camp.  Taking the Lemosho route for acclimation also worked really well for us.  (No need for diamox).  Once I’m settled back into the normal routine of things here I’ll leave positive feedback.  We’re tripadvisor users so I’ll start there.

Mihaela P. & Cezar R. (Jun)
The 20 days spent in Tanzania definitely overtook what we used to call ‘our best holidays’ (South Africa, Hawaii, the Swiss Alps…).
It’s not only the achievement of reaching Africa’s highest point, the beauty of the landscapes and the wildlife, or the breath-taking colours of the Indian Ocean, but most of all it’s the beauty of the people we met.
SENE team had a major contribution to our success and we recognize all their help and support.

The professional manner Nathalie (company’s representative in Europe) replied to our request for quotation, the detailed description of the itinerary and the prompt answers to all our questions gave us the confidence that it’s going to be a great adventure and we have a professional partner. All the trip preparations went smooth and never had any issues.

The one and a half days we have spent at the Mbahe farm were the best introduction to the Tanzanian spirit. It’s a beautiful location, with a lot of specific vegetation and good places to visit. Wilson was a great host, helping us with the gear preparation for the climbing and entertaining with beautiful stories about the mountain.

From the first day on the mountain we’ve been impressed by the dramatic beauty of the place, the vast territories surrounding us, the iconic picture of Kilimanjaro and it’s majestic appearance at the horizon. Every day was different and more beautiful than the previous one, culminating with the summit day. Overall an amazing journey.
But, besides the wonderful places we have seen, our hearts remained with the people that we met, especially the Kilimanjaro team. A team that made, from our perspective, the impossible. We never thought that an expedition can run so incredibly well. Each day we had very good places in the camp, everything being prepared before our arrival. The team managed to pleasantly surprise us every day. With the songs they sang when approaching the camp, or the amazing food for lunch or dinner, or simply the discussions and the joy around the table, they made the entire journey an unforgettable one.

Our guides, Jackson and Manase, became our best friends from the very beginning. They took care that we are enjoying every moment spent on the mountain. In a very professional way, they managed the whole team, scheduling all the activities along the day, making sure that everything was in place – both for us and for the team. With their excellent social skills, they made each day more interesting and enjoyable. Their enthusiasm helped us all to achieve our dream, especially during the summiting day.
All our respect and admiration for the entire team!

About our safari… no words to describe the beautiful plains, the splendour of the wildlife… absolutely amazing! Big thank you to Pascal, our safari guide. He managed to find the best places to spot the wildlife, so we took thousands of wonderful pictures.

We’ve spent the last days in Zanzibar, in a beautiful location, relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

All this time, we had nothing to worry about, all went smooth, exceeding all the expectations.

Congratulations to the team!
Congratulations, Simon, for leading such a great and professional company!

Gretel S. (Jun)
The climb was a life changing experience, SENE tours made this experience so special for me. We chatted with other people on the mountain and most were jealous of our experience.

Corbyn S. (Jun)
Thanks Tim! we enjoyed your team a lot and I will certainly recommend you to others and be in touch for future use ourselves. Please do let Simon know that if he’s interested at all in supporting the massive amounts of reforestation that Plant With Purpose (locally Floresta TZ) is doing around Kili, we’d love to have their support. We will reforest 1.3 million trees this year around Kili and in Same alone this year, which provides diversified income sources and restores and retains soil quality for farming families.

George A. (May)
Thank you SENE for the update. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with you in 2010 and it remains the greatest travel experience of my life. Hope all is well with you Simon, and the entire SENE family.

Leo K. (Apr)
I just want to give you a very short feedback on our safari to the parks which has just ended: briefly, it was really perfect, weather, animals, accommodation, food, organisation,… And above all, our guide Temba did an extremely good job! We would love to get him again whenever we will book again with you. I’m sure, you don’t mind, if I tell my friends and family about this wonderful experience with Summit Experience:-)
And I hope, my plans for a longer farewell safari with my wife and friends will come true in 2019.

Kelsey K. & Jacob J. (Feb)
From the beginning to the end, SENE took care of us and made a very complicated trip go smoothly. Every person we met was so friendly and made the experience very special for our family.

Yeiry M. (Feb)
Hello Tim! I am already in Costa Rica and I am writing to let you know that everything was more than perfect. The food (Banto and Kenja), the guides Honest and Emmanuel, the porters… I have no words. It was the best experience of my life. I always felt that they really care about us and were doing their best to help us accomplish our dream, which we did at the end!

Mary J. (Feb)
Almost indescribable. Everything and everyone was unbelievably fantastic. Our climbing guides, John and Godson, as well as the rest of our climbing team (special shout outs to Kiplet, the cook-OMG SOOO good! We definitely ate better camping on a mountain for 7 nights than we do at restaurants in the US-cook assistant, Francis, waiter/server, Onongo-so happy, smiling, welcoming). Our theme for the hike was “In Godson we Trust”. He made sure we all (4 of us) reached the summit and had a great time doing it! Obviously, very good at his job and extremely knowledgeable about all things Kilamanjaro. We will forever be grateful for this outstanding company and experience.

The safari was equally amazing. Our guide, Jared, knows his stuff. We asked to see cheetahs and elephants and he found them for us. And as an added bonus, he knew of a spot where a lioness was sheltering and nursing her three cubs. Seriously stuff straight out of the lion king movie. We saw the “Big 5” and then some! Very surreal. The pictures we have look like they came out of national geographicmagazine. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we were actually there and saw this stuff up close. Truly unreal. Accommodations were way above expectations. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

I will recommend SENE to anyone and everyone who asks, and many that don’t ask! Absolutely the best experience of our lives!

Still astounded and want to go back!

Sabine M. (Feb)
Dear Nathalie, dear Tim, yesterday I came back from climbing up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Lemosho route Crater Route with guide Honest Mattoo. I just can’t believe it: I reached the summit. Friday at 8:00 am Me and two more ladies from our four person group stand on ” the roof of Africa” – it was just a dream and I felt so happy. It wouldn’t be possible without this well trained and sensibel guide Honest. Also John, Kathun and Godlisten helped us. One of our group has to be evacuated- that was also well done. Without big talking about. I felt very safe and I think all of us. The kitchen team did also a great job. Wonderful delicious fresh food. First time for me to eat porridge- now I love it. They allowed me to see how they cook and I hope I’ll not forget it and be able to do it in Germany. The tent team was already there when we arrived- private toilet – how wonderful. Porter who carried my duffle prepared it in my tent: cushion and sleeping bag ready, shoes outside. I arrived and James took my sticks and daypack to my tend. Wonderful. Porters and crew always friendly and helpful- nice songs. Nathalie you choose the right group for me- Asante sana. All was well organized and prepared. It was like a dream was fulfilled- I’m so thankful that I made it. But again many thanks for this wonderful guide Honest – he knew what was the best for me.
I hope you understand what I mean. Sorry my English is not the best.