Zanzibar Destinations

Zanzibar (زنجبار‎‎ Zanjibār) is an exotic tropical paradise and bucket list destination to visit for many world travelers.  Yet its timeless serenity ensures that it remains neither over-run nor over-developed.

The Zanzibar archipelago, in the Indian Ocean about 25 kilometers off the Tanzanian coast, is made up of the main island of Zanzibar (known locally as Unguja), Pemba Island, and several smaller islands.  Zanzibar main island is 85km long and 30km wide with beautiful white sand beaches encircling nearly its whole perimeter and the centrally-located historic and still vibrant Stone Town. Spectacular coral reefs are found around all the islands of the archipelago.

Zanzibar’s main island (Unguja) is the most visited, and for good reason – with its miles of beaches, profusion of beachfront accommodations to meet any taste, and relaxed welcoming vibe.

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Stone Town
Stone Town is the heart of Zanzibar, a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys complete with ancient palaces, mosques, open air market, and tiny shops. A place not to be missed!

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Outer Islands
Part of the Zanzibar Archipelago but less well-known Chumbe, Pemba, Mafia, and Mnemba Islands are each worthy of several nights for the ultimate tropical vacation getaway.

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