Tanzania Bicycle Tours

From the foothills of Kilimanjaro with its lush mountain villages and Maasai steppe below, to the verdant Usambara Mountains down to the hot and humid Pangani Coast of the Indian Ocean, there are countless miles of dirt roads, footpaths, and single track to explore in Tanzania.

A bicycle tour can be the centerpiece of your African adventure or added as an extension to any itinerary.

Bike Kilimanjaro!
The heartbeat of Kilimanjaro is found in the mountain villages that encircle its lower slopes. The three days of riding begin in Mbahe Village, circumnavigate the mountain counterclockwise, and finish at Simba Farm in West Kilimanjaro, passing through coffee and banana farms, crossing cool mountain streams, and out to remote Maasai outposts – all on two wheels!

5 days / 4 nights – 3 days cycling
Usambara Mountain Magic!
Starting at 2000 meters and descending to sea level, this ride provides plenty of challenging climbs and long joyous descents.  En route you will pass through populous farming communities, past schools and market towns, into dense virgin forest, tea plantations, and nature reserves.  Experience the rhythm of daily life in Tanzania far off the tourist trail.

7 Days / 6 Nights – 4 days cycling