Our clients can shoot! Photos by Steve Reinhardt

Steve Reinhardt is a photographer from Australia who visited Tanzania with his extended family in September 2018 with SENE.
He agreed to exhibit several of his favorite images taken in Serengeti National Park along with his thoughts about each photo.

We thank Steve for offering to share these with us and you.


The Wildebeest and the bright dark sky

Wildebeest and dark sky

This shot was taken toward sunset. I love the rays of the sun coming through the sky with the big crack in the clouds – it seems like God is opening the sky toward heaven. It is a composite image. I first underexposed the sky and then I exposed for the wildebeest. In post-production I blended the two images together to get this result.


Jumping from the ground

It was an experience of a lifetime to meet these tribesmen in their own backyard. The colors of their outfits really fascinated me. I captured this scene from the ground to highlight the height of the Maasai jumping and to change the perspective.


The gym junkie of the bush

I focused on the birds instead of the baby zebra they were eating, so we can only catch limited sight of the carcass. I wanted the vultures to appear like true predators. I love the contrast of the colors between the yellow grass and the dark wings.


teenagers from two cultures

We met these Maasai teenagers on the way to Serengeti and they were happy to talk with us and have a photo taken with my son and nephew. I love the sense of contrast between the two cultures at a similar age, and am fascinated by the incongruity of the boy in the middle wearing the red Converse shoes.


Lions on patrol

Whilst traversing from Ngorongoro to the Southern Serengeti we came across this pair of lions, most likely brothers, patrolling. I wanted to convey the dust, the camouflage of the lions, and the contrasting colours of the sky.

This photo has been entered into National Geographic’s “Your Shot” competition. Vote here


Follow the lines…

This is an ideal composition for any photographer, as it perfectly follows the rule of thirds. Each line has its own color and dimension. And the herd of elephant from baby through matriarch add a dynamism to the complete photo.


It flies away

This was a surprise for my father’s birthday, as a balloon flight has always been an absolute dream of his. It was very early in the morning – shortly after 5am – and not far from the Mara River in Serengeti National Park. I wanted to capture the action of the workers preparing the balloon and the excitement rising prior to the flight. In this photo I tried to highlight the flame matching the colors of the sky behind, while the green of the balloon reflects the green of the bush.


Family business

Here I wanted to capture the family bond between siblings, which resonated with me because of my own large family. The lions were so close that my lens was not appropriate and not wide enough to take in their whole bodies.


Credit for all photos on this page: © Steve Reinhardt, 2018.


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  1. Deven /

    These are amazing photograPhs! Each are rich in color and contrast, while capturing the majesty of the culture and people of africa. Love them!thank you for sharing.

  2. Joan Reinhardt Reiss /

    What incredible photos! Thank you SENE for sharing these award-winning shots.
    Joan & Mark

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