A beautiful souvenir of Tanzania by Drew Simms

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Last year, American photographer Drew Simms climbed Kilimanjaro with SENE. Back home he produced a short video with favorite moments from his climb and safari.


“Back in July of last year, I had the incredible opportunity of traveling through Tanzania with my family. We started our trip on Kilimanjaro. We spent our mornings drinking coffee above the clouds, and our nights under skies lit up by a milky way that seemed just out of reach. Next, we spent 11 days on Safari, starting in Arusha, and traveling through Tarangire, Karatu and finally ending in the Serengeti. 11 days spent waking up to elephants walking through camp, afternoons by the river, anxiously awaiting wildebeest crossings, sunsets looking for lions in the bush, and nights spent falling asleep to hyenas crying in the distance.  The only things that mattered were happening right in front of us. Those are the moments that are hard to come by, but the ones that surely won’t be forgotten. None of this would have been possible without the amazing efforts of SENE [and partner Mango African Safaris]. I cannot say enough about how incredible the entire crew was throughout the trip. They were truly some of the kindest and most genuine people who made trip that much more enjoyable. I put together a small video of some of my favorite moments from our trip. I included the 8 days of climbing we did on Kilimanjaro as well as the 11 days of Safari. The shots from the video were filmed with the Go Pro Hero 5 Black and Go Pro Karma Grip, DJI Mavic Pro, and Sony A7ii with a 16-35 Ziess lens. All of the footage from the video is my own, and for most part, was shot by myself or with the help of a family member and even sometimes the guides! It is so difficult to put into words such an indescribable experience. So my goal with the video was to reflect as much of our experience as possible. Hope you enjoy!”
Drew Simms

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