Conquering Kilimanjaro – Episode 2

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After some setbacks even before the climb started, the SENE guides and crew have now run into yet another challenge – virtually non-stop rain. The team is in the midst of the lush rainforest that encircles Mount Kilimanjaro, with the most formidable sections of their 50 kilometer hike to the summit still ahead.

CCTV’s Ramah Nyang takes up the story.

In this episode meet SENE founder and senior guide Simon Mtuy and learn what Kilimanjaro means to him.

“This mountain means so much to me. I have played around it, I have climbed it, I have seen people from all different background who come to climb the mountain, so I am just sort of very inspired to be one of its children. It is my playground. The question will come quite often: do I feel tired of seeing the same things? Obviously, that’s not the case. Every time you can see a different face and every time it will have a different story to tell.” Simon Mtuy.


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