About the SENE Team

Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience is a Tanzania-based company, owned and operated by Simon Mtuy. SENE is run almost entirely by native Tanzanians, ensuring that all profits stay in the country. We utilize the skills and expertise of East Africans to support and develop the local economy.

Keeping most business operations in Moshi,Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro is important to Simon, yet he recognizes that SENE cannot grow and develop without satellite offices to facilitate client communication, outreach, and marketing. SENE maintains full-time staffed offices in the U.S. (since 2007) and France (since 2013) to plan your trip, answer your questions, and alleviate pre-expedition concerns with patience, sensitivity, and good humor.


Mountain Guides

SENE guides have three priorities on the mountain:

  • Your health and safety
  • Your goal attainment… the summit of Kilimanjaro
  • Your enjoyment of the trek

They understand that all three are inextricably linked and vitally important to a successful climb. All our guides are highly skilled professionals with the proper training, knowledge and attitude to fulfill all three priorities and more. Meet our Senior Guides below.

Simon Mtuy (Founder/Senior Guide)

Simon has summited Kilimanjaro more than 300 times – the first when he was only 16. In the 15 years that he has been guiding climbers up Kilimanjaro, Simon has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable, competent, and ethical guides on the mountain. When not guiding climbs, runs and bike rides, or hosting guests at the Mbahe Farm House, Simon maintains close oversight of the day-to-day operations of SENE. Read more about Simon.


Augustine Nderingo (Senior Guide)

With more than eight years of experience guiding clients on Mount Kilimanjaro, Augustine has great leadership skills and works cooperatively with the entire climb team. Augustine has been known to invite clients with time left to spend in Tanzania into his home to meet his wife and four joyous children.


Honest Matto (Senior Guide)Honest

Honest has been guiding SENE clients for 4 years, and has been on the mountain since several years already. He is patient, kind, and encouraging. His aura of calm and serenity helps climbers believe in their own success, and with his great sense of humor, Honest turns difficult days into fun times!


Joel Siao (Senior Guide)Joel

Joel has many many (2 times is intentional) years experience guiding on Kilimanjaro, with the last 3 working primarily for SENE. As an expert on the Western Breach and Crater, Joel specializes in guiding the scientific expeditions that SENE takes up the mountain, but he also regularly guides pleasure climbers. Joel’s stern gaze belies a warm and caring heart.


Manase Lyimo (Assistant Guide, Running Guide, and Foothills Guide)Manase

With his big smile and desire for you to have a great day, Manase goes for anything! He dances, sings, shares his knowledge, and patiently translates every conversation between guests and locals. When he is not guiding SENE clients all over Kilimanjaro, he takes care of his wife and 3 children at home in Mbahe Village or works his land located in West Kilimanjaro.


Jackson Mtui (Assistant Guide)Jackson

When “Action Jackson” is not on the mountain guiding a group, he is often found with Simon and Manase exploring routes in the Kilimanjaro foothills. With his discretion and calm behavior, he makes sure climbers have everything they need for a happy and successful summit. Jackson’s big smile will make you smile too!


Safari Guides

When you are on safari you don’t want a driver who finds animals by looking for the traffic jams of other vehicles. You want a guide and naturalist who knows wildlife habits and locations from training and experience. Our safari guides have what it takes to give you the type of wildlife safari you want in the uncluttered wilderness of Tanzania’s beautiful national parks.

Gerald  LemngeGerald Lemnge (Safari Guide/Driver)

With years of experience and training as a naturalist, Gerald is an amazing guide to the animals and birds of Tanzania. His priority is to find for you the wildlife you want to see. He does it by knowing the premier viewing spots in each national park. When not patiently observing game, Gerald will keep you laughing with stories culled from years of safaris throughout Tanzania. There is no better or more personable guide than Gerald.



Joseph Matula (Safari Guide/Driver)

Joseph started working as a driver for SENE many years ago and is now one of our best safari guides. He studied at the Professional Tour Guide School in Arusha and rounded out his on-the-ground training with Gerald. Joseph enjoys sharing his knowledge of local flora and fauna with his clients and he is currently involved in studying the trees and flowers of Tanzania.



A great trip can’t occur without conscientious attention to every detail. All our back-office staff go that extra mile to make sure yours is truly a smooth and worry-free adventure.

Tim Leinbach (U.S. Operations/Communications)

Tim runs our office in the United States and is the person with whom you will most likely communicate as you plan your trip. Since 1990 Tim has lived on-and-off in Tanzania for many years, speaks Swahili, knows the country from the inside, and is sensitive to the interests and needs of our guests as he arranges the perfect Tanzanian adventure for you.


IMG_0349 - croppedNathalie Pigache (European Operations/Communications)

Nathalie was a SENE intern in the Moshi office from April to September, 2013.  She has returned to France and continues as a permanent SENE employee based in Digne-les-Bains. She’s eager now to share the beauty of Tanzania with French and European adventurers. She can help plan your trip of a lifetime in either French or English.


Timothy Andrew (Office Manager)

Timothy started with SENE in 2015 to bring his considerable management and financial skills into a new industry. After years working in HIV/AIDS research at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center Timothy has followed his dream to work in the tourism industry because, as he says, “it is one of the pillars for the economy of Tanzania.” Timothy holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting from Moshi Co-operative University.


Emmanuel Samson Mwansasu (Reservations)Emma

Stationed in the Moshi office, Emma works closely with SENE’s international team in the U.S. and Europe as a cog in the wheel that makes SENE roll. He is a young man who loves talking and joking with his colleagues – often causing hysterical laughter in the entire office!



Lucy Kimambo (Accountant)

Lucy is SENE’s computer savvy and detail-oriented accountant. She holds a BA in Management and Accounting from the Moshi University of Cooperative & Business Studies. In her free time, Lucy enjoys visiting Tanzania’s beautiful national parks. She is also interested in Tanzania’s economic development and participates in development forums and seminars.




Tara Mtuy (Financial Controller)

Tara is eager to see SENE grow and provide more job opportunities for the local people on Kilimanjaro. When she is not working with SENE, Tara is dedicated to her job in HIV/AIDS research at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, Tanzania.



The staff at Mbahe Farm treat their guests as if they are party of the Mtuy family and they work hard to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. From morning wake up calls to delicious meals and guided hikes around the foothills, the staff at Mbahe Farm is here to meet your every need.


Wilson Mosha (Mountain Guide and Host at Mbahe Farm)

Wilson has guided countless numbers of clients to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and has reached the summit himself hundreds of times. He now works primarily as the host at Mbahe Farm, where he treats the guests as if they were his family. Wilson is an excellent conversationalist who used to work as a secondary school science teacher.



MasterValerian Mtuy (Groundskeeper)

Valerian Mtuy, better known as Master, was SENE’s very first employee. He has been working as the groundskeeper at Mbahe Farm for more than sixteen years. In addition to his many responsibilities, Master has helped build the beautiful guesthouses and maintains the organic gardens at Mbahe. Master has lived in the village of Mbahe his whole life, and he returns home every evening to spend time with his wife and five children.


Mountain Crew

No Kilimanjaro expedition can succeed without a dedicated crew of chefs, porters, and others working to make your trek comfortable, fun, and pleasurable. Our crew are treated very well and in turn they treat you very well. From hot tea or coffee in your tent in the morning to a joyous greeting with singing and dancing at the end of each day’s climb, you will find no better service and no more fun crew on the mountain than ours. Here are a few of our more distinguished crew members.

Please also see our information about SENE porters.



Christopher Kiplet Agger (Senior Cook)Christopher-credit-Simon-135x135

Kiplet (as he likes to be known) has being working as a cook since 1980 and with SENE since 2005. Kiplet’s big smile and delicious food keep people happy and warm on the mountain.



AlexAlex Richard Masunya (Cook)

Alex, who hails from Arusha, Tanzania, is one of SENE’s best camping chefs. His delicious meals and exuberant personality are sure to be a highlight on your Kilimanjaro climb or camping safari. Alex studied cooking and baking at the Arusha College of Hospitality Management and gained experience working as a safari chef in South Africa and Mozambique. He is fluent in Swahili, English and Portuguese.


Revelian Audax Rweshabula – “Katunzi” (Cook)Katunzi

With his delicious recipes and his savoir-faire, Katunzi has guests drooling before every meal when he is their chef on the mountain or on safari. He warmly welcomes you into his “office” (cooking tent), and if you are particularly nice, will even share with you some of his cooking secrets!


Godlisten-credit-Simon-e1331572452599-128x135Godlisten Kessy (Crew Supervisor/Assistant Cook)

Godlisten doubles as a crew supervisor and assistant cook. He uses good humor and a soft touch to make sure the crew team is in place and everyone is doing his job to the highest standards. And he uses good spices and soft stirring to make sure your soup is up to high SENE standards!


Omary-Chaser-135x135Omary “Chaser” Abubary (Camping Crew)

The strongest man on the mountain and the one with the widest smile, “Chaser” is most often responsible for carrying and maintaining SENE’s portable bio-degradable toilets. Due to his dedication and work ethic he is often entrusted with many other critical crew tasks on an expedition.