FAQs Zanzibar

When is the best time of year to visit Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is always warm and inviting, with tropical breezes that help moderate the heat. Temperatures are generally in the 80s Fahrenheit (26 to 30 Celsius) during the day, though it is a bit hotter December through February.  Evenings are warm and comfortable.

Heavy rains fall from late March through May and lighter rains occur in November and December.  As with all tropical islands, at any time of year days on Zanzibar have a mixture of both sun and clouds.  Peak season for tourists is August and the Christmas/New Year holiday.

Many hotels are closed in April and May; visiting Zanzibar is not recommended during those months.

Below is a general guide to seasonal climate patterns in  Zanzibar. The information comes from weather data and our own experience, not a crystal ball! Please understand that weather patterns across Tanzania are becoming increasingly unpredictable as the global climate changes.