FAQs Zanzibar

What are the tipping customs on Zanzibar?

Tanzania and Zanzibar have a strong culture of tipping for services provided.

Tipping is not compulsory.  Choosing to tip depends on your own experience, opinion, and satisfaction.

What currency should I use for my tip?
Tips can be given in U.S. dollars or Tanzanian shillings.


Most Zanzibar hotels have a tip box at reception. We suggest that each person leave a tip of $5-$10 for each night they are at the hotel.  This tip is shared among all staff at the hotel.


Leaving a tip for a waiter is not a regular custom in Zanzibar, though you may consider leaving a small amount that rounds out a bill (to the nearest thousand shillings, about 3-5%). Your server will be very grateful. This does not apply in dining areas at hotels where you are staying, as the tip box covers tips for the wait staff.

Tour guides

Excursions, such as Stone Town tours, snorkeling, boat trips, outer island day trips, etc. are led by experienced guides or teams.  We suggest each person give a tip of $5–$10.


A driver from Madeira Tours (SENE long term partner on Zanzibar) will be assigned to handle all your transfers on the island.  A tip of $5-$10 after your last transfer is a nice gesture of appreciation.


The fare you negotiate for your ride is the total to pay.  You do not need to add any more for a tip.