FAQs safari

What are the tipping customs on safari?

Tipping is a traditional practice after all safaris and a way of showing satisfaction to your guide.  Our safari tipping recommendations are below.  If the service was of particularly high quality, we encourage you to give generously; if the service did not meet your expectations, adjust the tip accordingly.

How much do I tip?
Driver/Guide:  $25-50 per each safari day
Standard camping safaris also have a Camp Cook: $10-$20 per day

When do I give my tip?
Distribute the total tip when you say goodbye to your safari team.

What  about tipping the staff at safari lodges and camps?
Lodges and camps have a tip box by reception.  We suggest a tip of $5-10 for each night you are at the lodge/camp.  There is no need to tip individual waiters, bellhops, etc. as tip box funds are distributed among the whole staff.