Tanzanian Safari

Let SENE take you on the Tanzanian safari of your dreams and show you wildlife as it was meant to be viewed—in the vast, unspoiled savannas of East Africa. All of our safaris are private and custom designed. That means you will not need to share a cramped safari vehicle with strangers or be limited by the number of miles you can cover on a game drive.

While on safari with SENE, your itinerary is at your command and can be tailored to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities. You’ll also travel with the most charismatic and knowledgeable guides in the business, who work hard to ensure that your safari is up to our high standards.

Tanzania is home to the most beautiful and wildlife-rich parks in Africa and we guarantee that you’ll be astounded by the volume and variety of animals that you will see on your safari. Please visit the Lodge SafariCamping Safari and Tented Camp Safari pages for more information about our custom Tanzanian safari packages.

Giraffes as seen on a Tanzanian Safari


We drove onto the enormous plain of the Serengeti, the largest concentration of wild animals on earth. Everywhere you look, huge herds of zebras, antelopes, buffalo, giraffes. And all of them are grazing, frisking, frolicking, galloping. Right by the side of the road, motionless lions; a bit farther, a group of elephants; and farther still, on the horizon, a leopard running in huge bounds. It’s all improbable, incredible. As if one were witnessing the birth of the world, that precise moment when the earth and sky already exist, as do water, plants, and wild animals.

– Ryszard Kapuscinski, The Shadow of the Sun

Elephants as seen on a Tanzanian SafariSeth Phillips-Olson (71)