How do I book a trip with SENE?

To book a trip we require a completed registration form and U.S.$500 deposit for each person.  Please contact us to obtain the link to our online registration form and terms & conditions.  Payment may be by check, wire transfer, or credit card.

What do the different SENE trips cost?

Our prices are generally mid-range. We don’t compete with the cheap Kilimanjaro climb and safari companies on price because we don’t want to compromise your comfort, safety, and enjoyment, nor the wages and health of our guides and porters. On the other hand, we are far from the most expensive company because we do not have the high overhead of American and European tour companies. We are a Tanzanian-owned and operated company helping our clients enjoy the beauty and excitement of our country and helping invest in the people of Tanzania.  We established small branch offices in the U.S. in 2007 and France in 2013 to accommodate growing demand for our services and to better communicate with our clients in North America and Europe.

For specific prices of our Kilimanjaro climbs, animal safaris, biking, running, and Zanzibar adventures please see our sample itineraries.

Can I create a custom itinerary?

Yes. All our safaris and Zanzibar trips are customized to meet your interests and budget.  Our Kilimanjaro climbs, bicycle rides, and running trips are normally set itineraries, but we are happy to create a custom adventure to your specifications and schedule.

Can SENE help me book flights?

SENE can book internal East Africa flights for you.  We include flights to or from safari parks and Zanzibar in many of our itineraries.  For international flights, please email us for information on recommended travel agents or flight resources.

Can I fly through Nairobi to reach Kilimanjaro?

It is possible to fly into Nairobi and transfer to another flight or bus to Kilimanjaro. Although Nairobi offers more international flight options and slightly lower fares, we do not recommend flying into Nairobi:  Kenyan visas may need to be purchased; your schedule may require an overnight stay in Nairobi; and the bus connection, though reliable and comfortable, is 7 hours to Kilimanjaro.  Logistically it is much easier to fly directly into Kilimanjaro on KLM (via Amsterdam), Ethiopian Airlines (via Addis Ababa), or Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), among others.

Will SENE pick me up even if I arrive late at night?

We will pick you up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport at all times of day or night.  However, for those arriving between Midnight and 6am, because of the hour and the additional night’s accommodation and breakfast at Mbahe, we must charge a $75 per person supplement.

Can I pay for my SENE trip with a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards for payment. If you would like to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) please contact us by phone at our U.S. office.

What is SENE’s cancellation policy?

For trip cancellations received 90 or more days prior to the scheduled first day of the trip the US$500 deposit is forfeited. For trip cancellations received 45-89 days prior to the scheduled first day of the trip 25% of the total trip price is forfeited. For trip cancellations received 15-44 days prior to the scheduled first day of the trip 50% of the total trip price is forfeited. For trip cancellations received 14 or fewer days prior to the scheduled first day of the trip 100% of the total trip price is forfeited.

If you feel there is a chance that you may need to cancel a trip, we recommend that you consider trip cancellation insurance. Due to the nature of the government fees and operators’ permits, SENE must adhere to a strict refund policy.