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A Twin Room at Tloma Lodge safari

A Twin Room at Tloma Lodge

SENE invites you to enjoy a classic Tanzanian lodge safari with comfortable accommodations in commodious three, four and five star hotels. We’ll help you tailor your lodge safari to match your schedule, style and budget.

Indulge in the luxury of Tanzania’s finest accommodations and relax on your private verandah with a cool drink in hand after a long day of wildlife viewing. Tanzania’s world-class lodges feature fine dining, full amenities and spectacular views; all within the confines of Tanzania’s wildlife rich National Parks.

Let SENE customize your accommodations for a perfect safari experience. You may review the sample itineraries below for information on what you can do and see on your lodge safari and for examples of where you can stay. Then contact us to begin planning your lodge safari!

Brief Itinerary

Tanzania Safariscapes (3 Day / 2 Night)
Timeless Migration (4 Day / 3 Night)
Highlights of Tanzania (6 Day / 5 Night)

Tanzania Safariscapes

3 Day / 2 Night

For those who want to observe the vast array of life on the African savanna unfold in its timeless glory, this complete safari experience packed into 3 days will fulfill your wishes. Small private group safari, unlimited game drives in 4WD vehicles, and each day’s plans discussed with your own expert SENE guide.


Tarangire National Park

The “Baobab Capital of the World,” is known for its wild landscapes, resident elephants, large prides of lion, leopards, giraffe, buffalo, the last remaining pack of wild dogs in northern Tanzania, and excellent year-round bird-watching with more than 300 bird species. The Tarangire River is the only permanent water source within the 2,600 square kilometer park. During the dry season herd animals of all kinds (wildebeest, zebra, gazelles, and antelopes) migrate from the surrounding areas to this life-sustaining source of water. One also finds several large swamps (Silale, Larmakau, and Nguselororobi) that attract animals and birds of all kinds. In the dry season the amazing giant rock pythons leave the swamps to live in the trees at their edge, from where they will attack and kill large animals of all kinds, providing a most unusual natural spectacle.

Kilimanjaro to Tarangire: 2.5 hours by safari vehicle.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

One of seven World Heritage Sites designated in Tanzania and is the world’s largest unflooded caldera with the entire rim intact. A trip down into the crater, 2,800 feet below the rim, is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. While only 100 square miles in area, it offers several distinct habitats, each attracting a unique variety of wildlife. It is home to almost 30,000 animals, creating a density unseen anywhere else in Africa. The only animals you will not find in the crater are the impala and giraffe. It is not known why impala do not inhabit the Crater, but giraffe are unable to descend the steep grade without lowering their heads, which raises their blood pressure to dangerous levels. The crater is the best location for viewing the rare black rhino and the huge old bull elephants. There is not enough vegetation to support the large elephant cow and calf herds, but the old males “retire” to the Crater for the wonderful swamp grass and acacia forest. Huge flocks of flamingoes inhabit the crater’s Lake Magadi, giving it a spectacular pink hue. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the world’s first multi-purpose land use experiment, combining tourism, research, archeology, wildlife management, and traditional livestock grazing for the Maasai herders whose lands surround the area.

Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Conservation Area: 3 hours by safari vehicle.

Timeless Migration

4 Day / 3 Night

Discover three of the most stunning wildlife environments that Tanzania, the premier African safari destination, has to offer. With a diverse array of habitats and ecosystems, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti Plain incorporate the complete spectrum of East African wildlife. You will discuss each day’s activities with your expert SENE guide, who tailors the day to your preferences, ensuring new and unforgettable encounters with the wild splendors of Tanzania. At night enjoy exemplary safari lodges where you can relax in comfort with a cool drink around the fire while the sounds of the African night surround you.

This safari Includes two nights in the Lake Ndutu area of the southern Serengeti Plain, where the millionstrong wildebeest migration congregates for the birthing of calves each February. The wildebeest are accompanied by hundreds of thousands of other ungulates and the ever-present predators – lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena – erforming their important role in the timeless ritual of the African plain. Includes a visit to Olduvai Gorge, a major archaeological discovery site on the trail of pre-human ancestors.

Best months: December-May


Highlights of Tanzania

6 Day / 5 Night

Discover a timeless Africa of endless acacia‐dotted plains where the natural cycle of birth, life, and death continues untouched by the hand of humans. Experience your own personal journey as you explore the most stunning safari parks that Tanzania, the premier African safari destination, has to offer. With a diverse array of habitats and ecosystems, these reserves incorporate the complete spectrum of East African wildlife. See it all in an unhurried manner, discussing each day’s activities with your expert SENE guide, who tailors the day to your preferences. At night enjoy exemplary safari lodges, relaxing in comfort with a cool drink around the fire while the sounds of the African night surround you. Rise early and watch the sun break the horizon as the savannah comes to life, or sleep in and wake to a sumptuous breakfast and leisurely drive to a hidden game viewing spot chosen by your experienced guide. Each day offers new and unforgettable encounters with the splendors of Tanzania.

Best months: January-March; July-November


Lodge Safari

Each of our safaris is customized to meet your needs and prices vary depending on number of days, accommodations, and type. Please contact us for pricing information.


Photo Credits: David Harris and Tanganyika Wilderness Camps