Mountain of Greatness

Tanzanian ultra runner Simon Mtuy is on a mission toVIMFF laurel NZMFF official selectionbring the sport of trail running to Tanzania, starting with an eight day event in which runners completely circumvent Mount Kilimanjaro. The runners, including international trail running sensation Krissy Moehl, are energized by the gorgeous scenery, the friendly locals and each other’s support and encouragement over the course of 160 miles of difficult terrain.

Access 360° World Heritage: Kilimanjaro

The following are clips from the full-length Access 360° World Heritage series that was broadcast on the National Geographic channel in January, 2013. An Extreme Athlete Simon Mtuy is hopeful that the Kilimanjaro Stage Run will help combat deforestation and climate change in the Kilimanjaro region.

The Honey Bee 
Simon Mtuy teaches local farmers a sustainable way to harvest honey

Kilian’s Quest

Simon Mtuy helps world-famous sky runner Kilian Jornet set the Guiness World Record for the fastest assisted ascent and descent of Mount Kilimanjaro on the challenging Umbwe Route.

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Photo Credits: Banner photo courtesy of Andrew King, D4 Productions