Testimonials 2013

 Jon M.
“What an incredible trip! It will live long in the memory. I know Patrick has composed a longer response (which may or may not have already been sent), but I just wanted to record my thanks to everyone involved for a very very special experience.
Having returned and heard the odd horror story from friends who have tried the climb separately, it has reinforced what we suspected all along: We had the best Guide/Porter team on the mountain! I feel enormously fortunate.
In humble gratitude and in hope of meeting everyone again some day.”

Patrick M.
“Dear Roddy,
Well you have broken all records in appointing SENE to look after Jon and me for we can only describe as an unrepeatable experience!
Yes we got to the top, yes we did it good time and yes we cried at the top , so on all the standard criteria we achieved.
But we achieved so much more.
It is clear to us that most climbers fail through poor management by guides companies and support, you can clearly see that as you look at others groups on the trip.
We arrived at the summit on a cloudless afternoon with absolutely no body else in sight!
Timing was superb but so was the route ( up the western breach).
Given that the general success rate is about 35% , I bet SENE success rate is much higher.
It’s not just one man it is very very much a team effort, the management of which is outstanding.
The farm in which we stayed at the beginning and the end is as close paradise as I have ever been , you JUST MUST GO there! ( where else do you have waterfalls beautiful birds amazing wild life flowers etal ) at 1800 meters above sea level and views to die for.
Where else to you check out in to a field of beautiful cows and wander down the valley along a stream to your transport.
Simon and his team were the most stimulating informative helpful dynamic hardworking people we could wish to be with.
Simons business are manifold from touring to bees to safari to hotels to running to cycling to charity to Eco farming development to local empowerment to coffee to farming to teaching to mentoring , it is endless.
Talk about ultimate guides , this one should be top of your list!
So try to use him again , find out more about him, go and see him.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to experience so much more than just a fantastic climb.”

Ben M.
“The trip was great, the safari you arranged was the perfect finish. Our guide (Joseph?) was very nice and informative. Dinner at Rivertrees was fantastic and we got to the airport without issue. Thanks again for your efforts!”

Jolene W.
“My trip was spectacular. I made it to the top after a slight change to the itinerary. It was decided that my asthma would make sleeping in the crater difficult and so I did the western breech, had lunch with the others in the crater, summited and then overnighted at Barafu. It was a long day and perfect. At the time, it seemed the hardest thing I had ever done and now, with some days of rest behind me, I think that is not true. It was definitely up there and still a wonderful accomplishment, just not the hardest thing I have ever done although I am not sure what that would be.”

Austin H.
Can’t say enough good things about everyone and everything. I am in Arusha now, with limited wifi, so my ability to upload pictures is limited. However I HAVE SO MANY.
We love Joseph and Wilson and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF my porters. Please pass on my best regards and personal recommendation of all of them to Simon and the rest of the SENE management team. They deserve all the thanks for getting me up that mountain. Absolutely incredible. Thank you again so much for everything.”

Amy K.
“Kili Climb:
I don’t have a negative thing to say. The guides, the porters and the chef were all amazing. Honest was the perfect lead guide. He was patient, understanding, helpful, interesting, etc. I would give 5 stars across the board for the entire trek and to every single staff member that was there with us. Actually chalk up amazing to all of the SENE staff that we had met through out our trip.
Gerard was wonderful. He is a kind, happy, patient and informative man who is very good at his job. I would not be able to find a negative word to ever say about Gerard.”

Rick & Bev B.
“We think God led us in making a great decision. We had no prior knowledge of SENE, but we wanted to select a Tanzanian owned company and felt good about the description on the website. It also provided additional comfort to have a company with a US office.
We can’t say enough how well-organized and well-trained the SENE staff was. It made us feel comfortable and confident in tackling such a mind-boggling endeavor. If I ever come again, or if any of my friends ask me, I’ll tell them that SENE is by far the best choice!”

Hege V.
“Dear all!
Just a short message to say that we got back fine and miss you already. It was such a wonderful trip and I walk around and smile to myself telling everybody about the adventures. I am so glad that we got to share the experiences with all of you guys and I hope we can stay in touch.
Our safari was magnificent and we saw so many animals. We even had a herd of about 30 water buffalos grazing right outside our tent as well an elephant and a hyena pretty close to the camping site. It was so crazy that we were giggling ourselves nervously to sleep.
I had so high expectations, but the trip exceeded my expectations by far. SENE made it all happen for us, and I am very grateful. What an amazing crew we had on the mountain and on the safari!”

Ayumwi was the perfect guide and I felt completely safe with him. He also made a very difficult decision to send a person down just a few hundred meters from Uhuru.
I especially enjoyed his knowledge on the fauna and flora of Kili and also his playfullness.
John took excellent care of us when we needed it the most on the last hard ascent. He really noticed how we were doing and helped one of us get down from the mountain when getting sick.

All the above points exceeded my expectation by far. The crew not only made us feel safe, they fed us with suberb food, they were always in a wonderful mood, singing and dancing us all the way up the mountain. I could not have been happier with them all.

I was very impressed that SENE brought the gamma bag to the mountain and I felt even more safe after the demonstration. I also appreciate that the crew showed that they took our safety very seriously by sending one down close to Uhuru.

Fresh food of super quality on the mountains. Better food than we eat at home. We all wanted to eat this kind of food always!

I could not be happier with SENE and the entire experience. I am praising your company to all my friends and many of them are interested in coming to Tanzania, so perhaps I will be able to send some more people to you.”

Jeff B.
“Hi Tim,
The whole trip definitely exceeded my expectations without adoubt. A trip of a life time.
All the staff of SENE were absolutely fantastic starting at the farm and all the way to the summit.
Wilson and all the others at Simon’s farm were amazing. I can’t say enough about all the guides, cooking staff and porters on the climb. Not only were they a crucial part of our success to the summit but they all helped to make the whole climb such a great experience. The guides were unbelievable in helping us reach our goal and making the whole experience so memorable. Augustine was incredible as the head guide and he as well as everyone should all be congratulated for all their help, support and frienship.

On another note, I would very much like to send some clothing to be distributed amongst the guides and of course the other members of our support group. Can you please give me details how I may arrange this.
I ask only one thing in return- is there any way I can get a green/black SENE cap that all the guides wore. I only manageed to get a grey one and would really like a green as well.

Once again, thank you for everything and I can’t think of a better group of people than SENE to make my experience in Kilimanjaro so fantastic.“

Bryan W.
“Hey tim, yeah the climb was about as flawless as it could be. Everyone made it to the top and all sene staff, porters, cooks, and guides made it an extremely unforgettable experience. I am making sure everyone knows who took us up the mountain safely and successfully. I will get some photos sent out to you this weekend for sure, Thank you and simon for all your help getting to the top!!”

Lynn L.
“Hi Tim,
I am slowly coming out of my jet-lag fog and reading email.
I missed this last week or would have responded more quickly.
I want to thank you for helping us put together a truly wonderful trip. SENE was the perfect group for us to have this adventure with. From the moment we got off the plane in Arusha to the final day of Safari each and every SENE person was there to guide us and the best part was they always had a fabulous smile and friendly personality. A beautiful addition was the spirituality they all possessed and how it gently came through in our daily encounters. It touched us all in the most positive way.

Augustine was our lead guide and manager on the mountain and did an excellent job. I don’t know what we would have done without him. As you know already,David didn’t make it to the summit yet he was so happy to have had the adventure of a lifetime. The other four of us were bummed that he wasn’t with us at the finish line but life is so unpredictable. Peter and I went on for the Safari portion while the others departed for the US. It all went well and we loved the Plantation Lodge and the Tent Camp.

All in all, we had a fantastic adventure and it exceeded my expectations. Bravo to you and SENE.
Thank you,thank you….I have nothing but glowing adjectives to express how truly exceptional this experience was and I can hardly wait to go back to Africa.
PS.the food was GREAT!”

Susan B.
“I have so many good things to say about SENE and the whole experience that I don’t even know where to start. The guides were excellent, professional, and extremely careful with us; the cooks and food were wonderful; the porters were hard working, friendly, and extremely good; the trip itself was amazing; I wish I could do it again!”

Alison H.
“Hi Tim,
Thanks for your email. Please extend my warmest thanks to everyone at SENE who helped make our trip such a memorable success. In particular, I cannot imagine a better set of four guides: Honest, Joel, and Eligi were amazing, and their confidence – and evident competence – were a huge part of why we absolutely loved our experience. (I am not forgetting Augustine, and once he slows down his English and gains some confidence speaking it, I am certain he will engender the same sort of trust and affection we had for the other guides.) The food, also! Wonderful!
Best regards, and thanks to you and Simon and everyone else at SENE. You are the best! (I know, I know: I have to say that on TripAdvisor. I’ll do it!)”

Stephanie J.
“Thank you Tim, and thank you for all your wonderful suggestions and advice and flexibility in helping us arrange an amazing trip! We definitely are hoping to return!”

Elaine E.
“Tim, What an extraordinary adventure in Tanzania…………..
First of all , thank you for your expert help putting this trip together for us. We were very well prepared thanks to all the info we received from you. The entire trip ran very smoothly from pick up to delivery back to the airport. We felt very cared for.
Can’t say enough good things about the SENE organization……Simon, Augustine (our wonderful guide) , Jackson (guide), Wilson and many more wonderful porters, cooks helped us feel welcome and comfortable and helped us realize our dream.
We had an awesome climb to Kili….. excellent weather and the group really bonded and gave each other much encouragement. On summit day we will never forget the image of the sunrise above the clouds, the full moon, and the feeling of reaching the summit !!!!!!
Not just the climb but the entire trip was an experience of a lifetime. Feel free to include me if any reccomendations are need for SENE.
Still high from the climb and trip.”

Jan H.
“I’m fine and absolutely the experience met all of mine expectations and look back on a fantastic experience.”

Ann T.
“The climbing. I love it!! .. every details in the daily service. Like to get warm coffe/ tea in the tent in the morning, warm water to wash you with every day, , a separat toilet tent house,the delicous fresh vegetables and fruits, the excellent good listening main guide and assistent guides and all the porters.”

JoAnn F.
“With out a doubt. You were the best! Not a beat was missed. Thank you soooooo much.
Many memories were made. Attention to all details were there. All guides were very knowledgable and helpful. Food was great. The experience of being part of and embracing the African culture will never be forgotten. Thank you Simon…. for putting together the best group of individuals to make this the best adventure ever!”

Sharon B.
“Can’t thank you enough for the fabulous time we had in Tanzania. Our experiences in Kenya were unforturnate, but all apart of the travel experience. Gerald was the best!!! He could not have been more accommodating and knowledgable. We identified at least 190 species of birds aswell as seeing the big 5. The trip meet all my expectations and thanks so much! We received a lovely album book for all the difficulties we had in Kenya and do appreciate their efforts to make it a good experience for us. All in all it was a fabulous experience and will surely pass on a good word to friends about Summit Expeditions! Thanks Tim.”

Sue & Jim E.
“All in all, an absolutely wonderful experience and trip! Now trying to get back on track with the 11 hour difference in time zone! Being back in 50 degree weather and looking a fir trees and domestic dogs and cats is a little surreal after being in 90 degree weather and looking at acacias, wildebeests and elephants! Will complete the SENE feedback form soon and send some the amazing photos Jim took with his new camera. He also has some short videos of lions, cheetahs, and birds if you’d like to have him send them. Again, asante sana for putting together a great trip!”

Hayley H.
“We just made it back and we had such an amazing time! We loved SENE and loved our group that took us up on the climb and that gave us the safari.
In any case, please let me know if there is any sort of formal feedback or anything I can send you. We had a terrific time and are so appreciative of all your help in organizing and making such an amazing experience a reality.  Thanks!
p.s. All items from Martha and Jolene were delivered and everyone was completely thrilled.”

Libba M.
“I am back in the states after a perfectly wonderful trip to Africa. I am so grateful that all went smoothly through the entire adventure. We made every airline connection, all accommodations were perfect, I didn’t get sick or sunburned or mugged or lost! And, I learned so much – both tangible facts and information plus different ways to be in the world. A fascinating opportunity!

The Safari was excellent. My driver was Jarrod, and it could not have been a better match. He was very personable, informative, knowledgable, relaxed. It was important to me to feel secure and comfortable traveling alone with a guide, and I had no fears at all. He was funny and eager to please me, giving me plenty of time to look and study, and then move on, as we had distances to cover each day. Great time manager! He also understood my “need” to shop at the end in Arusha, and was very helpful in arranging that – just before arriving at the airport.

All your help and advice made this trip possible and delightful. I am so glad that Doug Hardy encouraged me to contact you all. Thanks so much for making the connections with Shafiq, too. No kidding. Everything was planned and executed perfectly! To top it off, I got bumped to first class on the airplane home from Amsterdam to Boston. Not bad!!

Tell Simon that I was pleased with everything, and I will certainly recommend SENE to anyone interested in traveling to that part of Africa. Nice job, team!!
Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure to do business with you.”

Frantz C.
“Thank you very much for organizing such a great adventure. Everything went quite well. From the ride from Moshi to Ngorongoro to the driver and the hotel. The crater was amazing. We saw four of the Big Five. No one can ask for anything better than that, except for a glimpse at the elusive leopard, but that would be asking for too much. The whole setup, including the box lunch was perfect.”

Kent S. & Kate C.
“I can without a doubt say that our trip exceeded our expectations in every way, from the safari itself, the beautiful countryside that we saw and all the awesome people we met, including Joseph, Kiplet, Jared, Wilson and the staff at Simon’s.”

Marybeth C.
“I wanted not only to climb Kilimanjaro but to experience a part of Africa. Staying in Mbahe Village and working with SENE, a Tanzanian based company, I got both of those things and so much more. The guides and porters of SENE make this experience truly awesome. Epic Asante sana to them all. We were humbled by their strength, efficiency and friendliness. Without them I would not have made it, no doubt.”

“Hi Tim –
Yes, we are back and trying to get back into the swing of things.

Our trip was incredible, amazing, fun, hard, challenging and rewarding. My sister’s write up below provides a great summary of our adventure. To say that we were impressed with our guides and porters is truly an understatement. Their energy is unmatched and their attitudes are a shining example of what we should all strive for. I enjoyed meeting them all and felt true friendship in our group.

Our stay at Ras Nungwi was wonderful. Truly relaxing and we were sad to leave. I enjoyed going diving out at Mnemba Island. I’d never been diving in the Indian Ocean so it was quite a thrill. Lots of fish and big ones too! Unfortunately my dive videos don’t convey the beauty down there too well but it was beautiful.

Thank you, Tim, for all of your help in getting us ready prior to our trip and in helping us share our thoughts and photos afterward. Much appreciated.”

Karen S.
“If you ever consider climbing Kilimanjaro, wait till you can go with SENE! Far beyond my expectations, like being “carried” to the top.”

Gladys C.
“I think SENE is great company, I have great felling about it and I was right, great people working in harmony.”

Maria R., Hvitserk
“The 4 ladies we had staying with you last week just dropped by the office, super excited about the whole trip, and very pleased with the stay at Mbahe, so thank you very much for looking after them!”

Patty T.
“I had a great time and would recommend you to all my friends.”

“Fabulous company! I felt safe the entire time hiking, and never once felt our group wasn’t in good hands. The staff catered to our needs (even dietary), and did everything to make sure we made it to the summit. Our fluid intake was constantly monitored, which I believe it why our entire group was successful while many other hikers suffered from altitude sickness.”

Tim K.
“The guides, the comradarie of the crew and clients. Alex’s (our cook) excitement and encouragment, one of the porters that was fist bumping us brought smiles to our face, porter Paulo always having a smile and a kind word, Jamse’s professionalism at the table and then willingness to cut loose while dancing/singing and while on the trail, Augustino’s perfect sentitivity and humanism, Augustino Jr.’s ability to laugh with us. Etc! The beauty of Kilimanjaro. “

Molly W.
“Ayumwi was the perfect guide for me. He knew I was into birding and he made an extra effort to help me see as many birds as possible along the climb. He also went out of his way to take pictures at the summit because I wasn’t able to do so myself.
Gerald was a great guide. He knew & loved the wildlife and country. His excitement and enthusiasm made the safari a lot of fun.”

Andrew S.
“Dear Simon, Tim and everyone else at SENE,
Thanks very much for a great time on our run at the weekend! I really enjoyed the route through all the villages we passed, especially as that was my first time in rural Tanzania so very interesting as well as enjoyable.
I had a really nice stay on Mbahe Farm with Wilson and the team, I only wish I could have stayed longer. Such a great location, and waking up to a carpet of cloud beneath me was a novelty! I will definately be back – just a matter of when.
Many thanks!”

Nancy L.
“Wilson took care of me at Mbahe . . . walks, visitis with Mama Simon, company at meals, attention to my needs, and thoughtful copanion.
Gerald brought the Amboseli safari experience alive for me. He was patient and attentive to providing time to look and photograph. He was fun to be with and went along with my request to visit a remote Masaai village.
Tim — from planning to execution — put together a trip that fulfilled my wishes and requests. He . . . fit all the pieces together in an expert way.
I always felt cared for and watched over. I never worried where my next meal was coming from or who would be there to get me from one place to the next. Everything just worked out.
I have respect for the company’s values and the sensitivity shown toward their employees as well as the kind of welcome and service these employees offer visitors.”

Tina P.
“We have had an amazing trip. The climb as well as the safari exceeded our expectation. Even the mess tent came to be our favorite although we laughed at it to start with. I am happy to be a reference for both adventures and I have written a TripAdvisor review.
Thank you very much for setting things up for us and being so quick with all replies.
Happy camper :)”

Wally T.
“Thanks, Tim. Just got back about 9 hours ago. I will be responding to both you and Simon soon, as I have much to comment on and would like to get my thoughts together. For now, suffice it to say, it was incredible. Amazing. Wonderful. And the best part, for me–your team. Being around such wonderful people for 8 days. We have lots of pictures, which may take some time to work through, but we will share.”

“Greetings, my friends Tim and Simon,
SENE provides a unique, challenging, and unforgettable running experience for well seasoned trail runners of all ages. SENE’s guides and staff were simply amazing, and for me, one of the highlights of the adventure. The meals were varied, extensive, and delicious and kept our bodies fueled and ready. I highly recommend the Kilimanjaro Stage Run for runners seeking something new, different, and challenging.”

Cassandra A.
“Simon and Tim
Hope you are both doing well!!!
It has taken me a little bit to put into words, my experience in Tanzania so I apologize for this delay.
I was greatly appreciative and impressed by the service SENE provided us from the very moment we arrived at the airport. Often little things stand out.
I remember Joseph having water readily available for us for the drive to Moshi. A simple gesture as that set the tone I think.
There is to much to cover and in time it will soak in. Our stay in Mbahe was splendid and our dinners fabulous. Such an outstanding staff!
I thought meals might be a little different on the run being remote and all and again I was so thoroughly satisfied and to say the least your chef should be commended in keeping us well nourished with great food necessary to get us through the next days run.
I also can’t say enough about our guides. Even now I close my eyes and still smell the rainforest, the dirt, taste the dust and hear Manase say “Packs on”. There patience and knowledge and pacing were impeccable. I had plenty of time to shoot pics and still stay close to the group so a thank you to Robison and Ede who kindly waited many times.
I have put together a dvd for you to enjoy. Something short but that catches the essence of the run and beauty we saw in every valley and every face. You will receive it shortly in the mail.
Simon you have done great things and I am sure greatness will continue in your life and business.Thank you for sharing your life and Tanzania with me.
Tim your kindness cannot be overlooked and as a businessman I think Simon could find none better. Thank you for sharing your time with us.
If I can be of any help in promoting your event next year please let me know.
I certainly feel we can fill the cottages and trails to share the beauty of your run.
Best wishes for the holidays!”

John B.
“Great trek with a professional organization! The food on the mountain was outstanding and the crew was solicitous to our needs. Mbahe farm is such a wonderful place with fantastic food and the best coffee. Thanks SENE.”

Tom H.
“The interaction between the crew and the climbers was something I’ll never forget. The smiles, songs, passing “Jambo” greeting, card games, and laughs are what made this trip more than just an adventure vacation for me. I loved every single minute of my time in Tanzania thanks to SENE and the crew. SENE’s attention to detail and genuine care for all climbers made my adventure on Kilimanjaro something I’ll remember for the rest of my life! The guides, crew, equipment, meals, itinerary, attention to safety, and knowledge of Kilimanjaro made my climb the first class experience that it truly was!”

Brigitte G. & Yoeri A.
“Everything!!! The safari was great, also the lodges ( clean, very friendly staff, good food) and our guide Joseph was also excellent. The farm house was a nice stop over: Nelson was a very friendly host and the cook was friendly and made good food. The cycling, had a nice start: a hike to the mambo view lodge! It wasn’ t planned but a very nice thing to do. The cycling in the mountains was incredible. We really enjoyed the nature, the places where no much tourist will ever come. We could ride on quiet small roads. It was nice to have a small group and the sphere among us, Sebastian, Simon and Joseph was just like old friends! Mambo view lodge, Swiss lodge, Emau Hill camp were very good , Tent and food was good, but the shower/toilets in Nilo reserve were not so clean. Lunch during cycling was good. Joseph was really helpfull and always friendly and smiling.
The Capricon at least, was a perfect place to relax and to enjoy the impressions of Tanzania!
Also the flight to Moshi and the short stay in the hotel over there were a nice end of the great holiday! We really appreciated the changes SENE made in our itinerary, without any problems, caused by our missed flight due to the bad weather conditions.”