Testimonials 2012

Jasmine K.
“This was a very spiritual journey for me–much more so than what I was anticipating. The highlight of my trip was NOT summiting; rather it was the connections I made with the porters and guides and also the internal reflections of my life. The porters and guide were incredible: so happy, simple and so grateful for what they have (which isn’t much by our standards) and so full of life, chatter and laughter. Watching the local people was really an eye opener for me and I have vowed to be grateful for everything that I have.”

Amanda N.
“We had a fantastic time on the trip!  Your hard work and attention to detail really paid off.  Everything went incredibly smoothly. All of our drivers picked us up like clockwork, and our guides were knowledgeable, thoughtful, and responsive. The hotels you picked were lovely. The Kili climb, while difficult (as expected), was amazing. The mountain was beautiful, of course, but the SENE guides and porters made the experience. What great people!”

Anthea & Ian D.
“Gerald would have to be the most knowledgeable and good humored safari guide ever! We had a WONDERFUL time. He obviously enjoys his job and enthused us with his passion. He said the Serengeti was his office! Each morning he would tell us that he “slept like a baby hippo.” Again, we saw other tour groups, and the trip with SENE was well-timed, without too much rushing around that others seemed to be doing. All the lodges were great – the new Kitela was fabulous to relax in after the climb – a good first choice. Then Kati Kati a real experience in the middle of the Serengeti. Finally Tarangire River Camp was lovely. There was no water in the river, but the views beautiful, the “tents” comfortable and the pool most welcome! The food everywhere was excellent. Thank you for organizing our Summit to Serengeti adventure – it really was the best adventure ever, and one we will never forget.”

Doug H.
“Climbing Kilimanjaro with SENE is an experience way beyond just bagging the peak. While they know how to get clients up there safely and successfully, a SENE trip also brings clients together with Tanzanians to form a team, almost becoming diplomatic endeavor!”

Sally S.
“We had an incredible time on our Kilimanjaro trip. Loved the entire experience. Great weather, guides, staff, the farm, food, accommodations – everything surpassed any expectations we had. I did extensive research before selecting SENE and was not disappointed.”

Rhonda D.
“I was extremely happy with every aspect of our trip. The attention to detail added to our success and enjoyment of this adventure. We loved Honest and the rest of our guides for the climb. This was the trip of a lifetime! We will recommend SENE to anyone looking for a Tanzanian adventure. We completed the Lemosho route, a safari and Zanzibar. I recommend it all!”