Testimonials 2010

Josh H.
“Making it to the top on the Kili Climb was the highlight! Your entire team (porters, guides cooks etc…) were awesome. They made us all feel so comfortable given the nomadic surroundings we found ourselves in. Their genuine joy and desire to make our Journey memorable was truly recognized and appreciated!”

Curt W.
“Simon and crew are Great. If I ever come back it will be with this group!”

Linda C.
“For a completely enjoyable, exciting and cultural summit and safari experience, you won’t do better than SENE. The dedication and service attitude of each and every employee, whether guide, porter or cook was the best I have seen anywhere and truly an asset to SENE!”

Maria V.
“I would highly recommend SENE to anyone….their level of service, and concern for health and safety on the climb were exceptional. Their attention to the details sets them apart from other groups….every detail from transportation to accommodations to meals was taken care of so I could concentrate on enjoying myself and my vacation.”

“The whole trip was one big highlight. From the moment I stepped off of the plane it was an experience I will never forget. SENE helped create one of those special experiences I hope to share with my grandkids one day.”

Ken C.
“You are in Good hands with SENE, an amazing experience in every detail.”

Janet S.
“Certainly the experience of meeting Simon and staying at his home was inspiring far beyond our expectations.  Everything about it, the warmth of hospitality, meeting Simon’s parents, witnessing the marvelous use of land and resources and willingness to share all with others was a learning and spiritually moving experience.  I am truly grateful and will surely share that gift of hospitality I received with others I am working with in mission.”

Kelly M.
“Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was an experience like no other. To have people constantly on your side and looking out for your well being helped me feel comfortable with my decision to chose Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experiences as a tour company. I enjoyed the people (their energy and spirit) and I loved the food (delicious, flavorful, and inspiring). The crew really did provide a superior service! I will definitely choose SENE for a Safari the next time I visit Tanzania!”

Summer S. 
“From start to finish, the ENTIRE trip was an incredibly positive experience. My best friend climbed Kili a few years ago and had a miserable experience – and therefore tried to talk me out of this trip! In addition, I read a lot of books/stories so I was prepared for the worse case scenario.” Instead, I got the BEST case scenario. I cannot say enough good things about Felix and SENE. Above all else, I appreciate his suggestion to change the itinerary so that we went to Moir Camp (rather than spend 2 days at the Lava Tower). I loved the fact that our camp grounds were never crowded and I always felt like we were a bit off the beaten path, and therefore having a more personal experience. The crew was fantastic and the food was terrific and all of the accommodations were outstanding. I have NO complaints!
If you’re interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, you are guaranteed to have a phenomenal experience with SENE.”

Lindsley G.
“Love him, love him, love him! Gerald made our trip. He was fun, very knowledgeable, kind, patient and did I mention knowledgeable. Every day with Gerald was filled with once in a lifetime moments. He was amazing at sighting animals and predicting their behavior. I could write on and on about the amazing moments he created for us! We loved spending time with him. He also taught us so much about the different cultures throughout Tanzania, including information about his own family and experiences. Gerald is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to animal behavior. His interactions with everyone we came in contact was positive and fun-loving. Everyone knew him and he could get even strangers laughing within one conversation. Gerald made our trip over the top- we feel so fortunate to have gotten to spend time with someone as wonderful as him!

Paschal was a wonderful person to spend the day with. He was kind and patient not only with us but all the people we met and spoke with. Whenever Paschal stopped and spoke with people, you could tell that they enjoyed seeing him and he would share with us what they were discussing. His laughter and happy nature was wonderful to be around. Paschal was very humble about his english fluency. His vocabulary was amazing. We also felt very safe in his company. He had a wonderful attitude and gave the impression that he really enjoyed walking around with us in the village. We learned so much about the area, culturally and physically. We loved sitting and talking with him at dinner and breakfast. He was entertaining and very knowledgeable about Tanzania and the US. In many ways Paschal knew more US history than we did. He is a very intelligent, interesting person to spend time with.

We worked primarily with Tim for planning our trip. He was kind and patient with us. We first contacted him a couple of years ago. Time spent a lot of time speaking with us (on the phone and through email). We were unable to take the trip back then but remembered his kindness and patience. So when we started to plan again we were quick to contact him. We always felt he was honest and fair in pricing. He made great recommendations for our itinerary.”

Matthew T. 
“Gerald is an stellar guide and was perfect for our group. He was patient, always allowing us to stop to take pictures when asked, and sensitive to our needs/feelings throughout the trip, and extremely knowledgeable about the plants, animals, and history of the surroundings.

Daniel, the security guard is great. When I went down to the waterfall to explore he checked on me several times to make sure I was okay. He later joined me for a walk around the area and took some pictures for me.

The service provided by SENE is stellar. The company relies on extremely knowledgeable and friendly guides and local insight into the history and customs of the communities in which it operates to provide guests with exciting and environmentally-friendly trips through some of the most scenic parts of Tanzania. Our stay at Mbahe Farm was peaceful and restorative and I found myself longing to stay for an additional week. Our safari trip was exhilarating and we were able to experience wildlife in some of the most beautiful surroundings I have ever seen. I highly recommend SENE!”

Dickson S.
“Book your trip with SENE! I did a lot of research and based on the trip we found the best! The guide was knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with. We chose to do a 2-person safari with a focus on wildlife, photography and culture. We could not have been happier with our trip. SENE will help you to customize a trip based on your interests and group size. Don’t miss the Serengeti tent camp, Lake Eyasi lodge, running with the Hadzabe or taking the time to get to know the people in Simon’s village.

We knew two people who had done SENE trips and they highly recommended the company. We were able to get a custom trip for the two of us for the same price as a 12-person trip where we lost the ability to chose where we wanted to be and how long we wanted to watch wildlife.”

Lynn T.
“Just wanted to let you know that the climb was excellent and I made it to the top. Francis, Felix, Kiplet, and the rest were terrific. I had an excellent experience with SENE. The guides, cooks, and porters were fantastic, very knowledgeable and supportive of me as a solo female client. I highly recommend SENE for all northern Tanzanian adventures. SENE provides the perfect combination of being a Tanzanian enterprise with North American support for pre-departure advice and logistics.“

Loren H.
“We arranged a Kili climb and Safari through SENE on relatively short notice. All of our expectations were met or exceeded. From the planning phase completely through to airport drop off, everything came off without a hitch. All staff, from Simon on down to the youngest porters were exceptionally gracious, competent, and truly interested in our trip being completely successful. Our guides, Ayumwi and Fredric, did an exceptional job of seeing to all of our needs during the climb. Their experience came through as we all successfully summited. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend SENE to anyone interested in a first class trip to Tanzania!”

Susan M.
“The climb was truly awesome and I can’t say enough positive things about SENE–without a doubt, top notch.”

Hjordis C.
“What can I say, but FABULOUS! I just got home from the safari and have fallen in love with Tanzania…especially the people (what can be more important than that, finally?….) I enjoyed every moment, which has probably changed my life forever. I can’t imagine not seeing Simon again, and the farm. I did manage to summit Mt. Kili (with the help of my crew of 27!)….incredible. I was in even better shape then I thought I was! Every minute of the climb was a dream. What can be more memorable and inspiring than being welcomed by the crew singing the Mt. Kili song and giving us the high 5 each afternoon.  So, I’m forever indebted to Simon and his team for making this such an unforgettable experience. Please thank him and his crew again for me!”