Testimonials 2009

Doug S.

Carol J.
“The climb was awesome! It was so fun to come into camp and have my tent set up, as well as the singing that I already mentioned. The hiking each day was pretty easy and I was rested and ready to go each morning. The morning tea was nice, too! The porters made it fun, the food was delicious and artfully presented, overall really, really, fun.”

Nick R.
“Gerald made extra efforts to do what we were looking for on the trip. He had an extremely pleasant manner about him and worked very hard to keep a positive vibe on the entire trip. Extremely knowledgeable about all the animals, plants, everything. He can see an ant from 2 miles away. It amazing me how much he could find for us to see on the trip. Truly the best guide out there!

[SENE is] Worth every single penny that you pay. This is the most organized, fun, and safe tour company out there. Always had the best accommodations at the camp sites. The food is to die for, some of the best I have had anywhere in the world!”

“SENE is a Tanzanian-owned company who give absolutely superb service. It was a pleasure to support a locally owned business whose level of service is highly competitive with the big offshore-owned companies. In turn, SENE supports other good causes in their community such as an NGO for HIV victims and a tree-planting programme.”

Annemiek S.
“The trip was absolutely fantastic. The climb of Kilimanjaro, especially last few days going up, was hardest thing I have ever done, but I did make it to the top, with the other two women in the group! One was fire jumper (25) out of Bend, OR, who was in such unbelievable shape (same physical requirements as men for that job) she was running circles around us. The other was German woman (37) who had run the Kilimanjaro marathon 3 days prior to going on the climb. Considering that I celebrated my 67th during the safari, I kept pace with them very well and even did better than both on the downhill (at least I had no after effects while the fire jumper complained about her knees a couple of days). Your speed in doing anything at 19,000+ feet certainly slows down. Just getting ready for bed in the tent was a major chore. We camped at the crater camp at 18,500 feet.

The safari was amazing. We saw all the big animals in large quantities, witnessed hyenas devour a wildebeest that had been killed by lions just before (lions had their fill because there were two other kills within 200 ft), with vultures and storks to participate after, enjoyed watching den of 4 lionesses and 12 cubs for nearly 2 hours, saw mother cheetah with 4 cubs, leopard with kill in a tree, lots of elephants (with several very small ones as well), zebras, ostriches, 100’s of thousands wildebeest and even couple of rhinos. Of course also lots of antelopes and other similar animals.

The organization I went with has clients stay a couple of nights at guest cottages at the farm of the owner in small village at the foot of Mt Kili, which was great to get to know how people live and work and kids go to school. I have about 1000 pictures and great videos, but won’t have chance to sort them for a couple of weeks. It will be hard to cull them.

Have you signed up with a group yet? I can certainly recommend SENE (Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experiences) if in Tanzania.”

Steven S.
“John was ebullient in his praise of Simon Mtuy’s SENE guide company. Please know that each member of our crew is just as convinced as John as to the superior experience offered by Simon’s company. Rather than bore you with the minutia of my analysis of SENE versus other guide companies, please accept the following statement as the bottom line conclusion from my analysis: If you want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, pick any guide service. But if you want to experience Africa, Tanzania, and its people, as well as climb the mountain, SENE is your best choice. In addition, when you compare the experience with the cost of the SENE service, the value proposition is overwhelming.

Experiencing the culture and friendliness of the people in Mbahe Village. The food, both at the farm and on the mountain. The energy and happiness of Simon and everyone in his family. Pascal, his big smile and his animated way of telling fascinating stories.”

Tracy A.
“The extra days spent around the Mbahe farm house, touring the nearby villages, the trip to the Moshi market with Simon, the song and dance welcoming us into camp, and reaching the Roof of Africa. I also really appreciated spending time around the guides and porters–we really had a wonderful crew. I thought it was really great to see them pick up trash along the trail. It showed they have a lot of respect for the mountain and the people on it. I didn’t see any other guides on the mountain aside from SENE do this.

Any number of guide services can likely get you to the top of the mountain, but don’t cheat yourself out of a true African experience. The time we spent with SENE at the farmhouse and in the villages around Kilimanjaro will remain every bit as memorable as reaching the summit. Their guides are knowledgeable and friendly, the food is fantastic, and the overall experience is outstanding. SENE truly made this the experience of a lifetime.”

Donnie & Roger J.
“Our entire trip exceeded all expectations. Every day brought new and unexpected experiences or discoveries. Our accommodations were more than satisfactory at each location and the food was delicious. We haven’t eaten so well since…who knows when!

Our guides were absolutely outstanding. Their knowledge of the wildlife as well as the culture and environment kept us intrigued. However, beyond that, we found that their intellects and education were amazing. We had long, extended political discussions as well as fits of joyous laughter. They were so much fun! Gerald’s warmth and humor is contagious. We love him. Pascal has so much knowledge along with a twinkle that kept us smiling. Both were organized, punctual, and yet sensitive to our needs. What a pair!!

The last few days at Simon’s farm were “frosting on the cake.” We felt the passion Simon has for his country, family, and village. Meeting his parents and seeing their love for family warmed our hearts. We can see the love and respect Simon has for the people who work for him and the love they feel for him. By visiting his village, the school, and meeting his friends and employees, we caught a glimpse of the culture and life in Africa. The people seem full of joy in the simple life that they lead. Certainly gives us pause for thought. Also, it was a privilege and honor to meet Simon’s wife and son.

We thank you for a life-changing experience.

The passion of Simon for his country, the mountain, and his people made us want to travel with him and also spend our money on the Tanzanian economy. In comparing companies during our search, Tim’s attention to our needs and the wealth of helpful information made a huge difference. Flexibility in planning the trip; ability to have a small group; cost; personal, sensitive, and quick responses to questions without sales pressure.”