Testimonials 2008

Joan C.
“Going to the farm is like coming home. I think the ONLY way to experience the real Africa is to stay at Mbahe Farm House for several days and spend time in the village and at Mbahe Primary School. My life has been changed forever by all that I experienced here. If I had climbed the mountain and then hopped on a plane, I could have told my friends at home about my accomplishment…PERIOD. Instead, I continue to share my newfound passion with many and return each year with friends and colleagues.

SENE shows you the REAL Africa–the people, the culture, and everyday life. Being able to be part of the culture–not just a tourist. Going to the farm is like coming home. Staying on Simon’s farm and getting to know the villagers has truly changed my life. An adventure with SENE shows you more than just a mountain!

Leonard is incredible!!!!!!!  Leonard is the best cook!!!!!!!!!

Everyone LOVED Felix!”

John & Kristin R.
“Gerald became everyone’s friend on this trip, thanks to his superb training, knowledge, and friendliness to us all. He was genuinely enthusiastic about his country, the national parks, wild life, conservation issues. We loved the time we spent with him and are very fortunate to have had him as our guide and travel companion.”

Peter M.
“SENE provides a great experience which I would not hesitate to recommend to friends who have a strong spirit of adventure, deep curiosity and interest in non-western cultures and in the world of nature. Great value for money.”

Rick B.
“I really appreciate the comprehensive program that was in place so that we all would be as prepared as possible to make the summit. There were times when walking pole pole” felt super-tedious and times when I wanted to rest when Ayumi ‘suggested’ climbing another few hundred feet after we arrived in camp for the night, but I realize now that the cumulative impact of all of that was that we all made it to the summit easily.”

“We had an incredible time. I have done some guiding in my past, and from my POV, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and was impressed by SENE; all of the guides and crew were just phenomenal. Truly an amazing experience that I am missing and savoring daily.”

Angela C.
“[Porters] ALL were amazing and always upbeat, esp. during dancing. Really enjoyed our interactions with them and the time we got to share. Our interactions with the porters (learning names, singing songs, dancing) really made me happy and proud to have chosen SENE.

Felix led us skillfully and had full command and respect from everyone. He knew so much and was a great teacher. Went above and beyond the expected — carried my day pack when I was suffering from altitude sickness until he himself got sick. Friendly and fun. Positive. I LOVE FELIX!

Great attention to health, felt at ease due to the daily multiple checks on levels of oxygen, etc. LUXURY!! Better food and accommodations than I’d had in Dar es Salaam! AMAZING FOOD! GOURMET AND DELISH! Unbelievable variety! Everything was great. I felt like we were in a luxury camp, it was so nice!

I am so glad to have experienced the mountain with SENE. Priceless experience.

When choosing a climbing company, it was hard to differentiate among the different groups and I didn’t think it would make much of a difference which group we went with. But luckily, my fellow climber made the decision to go through SENE and I am so thankful. While on the mountain, we were the only group to be greeted at the end of every day with song and dance and the only ones to really know and interact with our porters. I always felt safe and trusted my guides completely. They took great care of our health and fed us amazing, gourmet food that was better than I got during all my two months in Tanzania. The only reason I was able to successfully reach Uhuru Peak was because I went with SENE and went with a selfless amazing guide (Felix). THANK YOU SENE! I would highly recommend this company for your Kili climb!!”

“The Kilimanjaro ‘climb’ is an honest to goodness FUN Expedition where you can enjoy every day of the trip.”

Harry M.
“Great job! If Simon ran Tanzania like he runs these safari’s TZ would be a world power!”

Burkhard S.
“Simba roars in the Savanna, Kilimanjaro and SENE roar in my heart!”

Abby R.
“The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The greetings at the camps at the end of the day of hiking (dancing and singing) were fun and a good way to unwind. It was obvious that much thought and planning had gone into making the Kili trip as comfortable and accommodating as possible.”

Carol C.
“My experience in Mbahe cannot be summed up in sentence or two. What a life changing experience! My heart has forever been touched. Thank you to Simon for his amazing hospitality – his wonderful vision for the children of Mbahe Primary School.”

Steve N.
“The trip was absolutely outstanding. It far exceeded all of my expectations. I just can’t say enough. Thank you, thank you. What a trip!”

Andrew P.
“Felix and his staff were incredible!”

Bruce K.
“Kili, Day 9, 14 Jan, my birthday. The crew made me a cake – hard to do with no air to help a cake to rise — and sang “Happy Birthday.” I very much enjoyed the porters. We attempted to speak in English and I learned several words of Swahili. The effort to celebrate my birthday at 14,000+ feet was just tremendous.

Felix just knew what to do. He advised and cajoled. He joked. He laughed with us and about us. There were no awkward moments. The co-guides really supported us and Felix. They followed his direction. They helped with our packs, walking sticks, trash, etc. They advised about approaches to take on the trail. That I made the whole trip. I was unsure as to my ability to make the climb, as the least fit and trained of our group. But we bonded, the guides and porters took care of us, and there was great camaraderie. The dances at the end of each day made our tiredness melt away.”