Testimonials 2007


Gary G.
“Hello Simon: Arrived back in the States last evening and I wanted to share with you my thoughts regarding the safari and Gerald. You have a real asset in Gerald. He was always on time, knew what the schedule was and effectively communicated each day’s program with us. He was very knowledgeable concerning the wildlife and answered our questions in a courteous and professional manner. He was well organized and of good humor. All in all, I was extremely impressed with the way Gerald cared for us and was able to find the wildlife for our viewing. Bottom line: Gerald is a real professional and a highly competent safari guide. You are fortunate to have him. May your business continue to grow and prosper. Give my best to your brother Felix. He too is an extremely valuable asset. I think I expressed my feelings of Felix the night of the celebration dinner, therefore I will not attempt to do so again. Suffice it to say Felix is an incredible mountain guide, probably one of the best I have ever run into.”